Monday, March 28, 2011

Cupcake Marathon Part Deux.... (pronounced "duh") (not really)

See that face? one that only a mother could love? See those double chins? yea.
and, for the record, i do NOT part my hair in the middle. i am more into the dude-going-bald-combover than anything else these days....
this is the picture of me that the elliptical saw last week while i was waiting to use the treadmill to start my venture along the cupcake marathon journey. i was just trying to figure out the controls, and to work out how i could use this thing without knocking myself out with those handle things. one of my big fears in the gym. i am ok with it if i try to lift a dumbell and rip my shoulder apart. no problemo. just don't fall of the 'mill (been there, done that!) or get knocked unconscious with an elliptical handle.
Here i am again, after about  35 seconds 10 minutes on the thing. It must work wonders, because my chins have gone away. (see Uncle Sam back there? Maybe he took them!) I went a mile, which took me  an eternity. I don't think i'll ever use that machine again. I was only able to get one mile on the 'mill that day, too, which totally sucked (the wind out of me).
A few days later, my mind re-resolved to get this thing done, I hit the mill again. Intervals this time, as I get really, really bored on the dreadmill. Yes, the little gym has a tv, but it is usually tuned to FOODTV. I am happiest on the the mill when Giada at Home is on. I imagine here in my kitchen, smiling away, cooking all kindsa strange things.... 
ok. not really. (yes, really). anyway, back to the intervals. I imagined i was running the Big Sur marathon, cruising across that bridge that is in all the ads. I was running very fast then, as i tend to pucker up around heights. I slowed down, as if I was in the LVRNR marathon, taking in all the sights and lights. Then back up to speed, running in the Chicago marathon, as it is just windy there and I want to be done.
Slowing again, I am in Bryce Canyon, and even though they only have a half, i am running it TWICE today, taking in the sights, the 'feeling' of connecting with the environment.

But then, like for almost every other virtual event I have signed up for, i have to post a great big DNF for the Inaugural Cupcake Marathon. Life got ahead of me this week, and running got behind. All kindsa crap-tastic things happened at the domicile these past two weeks, and mentally i couldn't get out to run.
Sad part is, though, that if i DID go out to run, i would most likely have been better off mentally. Stupid viscious cycle.....
So I leave you, intrepid reader, with a picture. It is from this past Saturday night. This scene unfolded about 5 minutes after, "I"M NOT TIRED! I DON"T WANT TO GO TO SLEEEEEEP" was yelled out by the same person in the picture.
I hope he dreampt of running in the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon with his Dad someday, because it is one of my dreams, too. Sleep well, little man....

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  1. LOL! I needed a good laugh. The pictoral images of you... the "crap-tastic" phrase... visions of cupcakes... what more could I ask for out of a blog post except for a beautiful sleeping child who does no wrong (errr, he does no wrong, right?)