Friday, March 4, 2011

Walk a mile....

A few weeks ago, counselormusings did a few posts about Cognitive Distortions. I think that's what they are called. Hang on....YEP! (i was paying attention!) There are two parts, here and here. I'll let you go read them, and then the follow up postings, too. Very well worth it, IF you are willing to take a look in the mirror. That step isn't always easy, that's for sure.
I recently did a post on being black or white, and struggling to find the gre/ay in my head. Since March is Nutrition Month, let's take a look at what I think is good food for your brain. (whatever. desperate attempt to tie things together here.)
Have you ever found yourself talking negatively to and about yourself? (me, either. let's just pretend, shall we?) Have you ever said things like, "there's no way i am going to pass that test tomorrow", or "that team is going to CRUSH us", or "there's no way i can go to the party and not eat too much" or "i'll never find anyone who's right for me"? Of course we have. If not those things, then similar negative thoughts.
Time to take a step away. An out of body experience, if you will. This one doesn't involve inhaling odd smoke or ingesting strange berries. Just read a little further.....
Let's pretend that you are still saying those hurtful things, but instead of saying them to yourself, you are saying them to your spouse, training partner, team mate, best friend, cat/dog/whatever. Would you? Walk a mile in your shoes, but as someone else. What if you were struggling with getting ready for a test/race/party/date and one of your besties said these things to YOU?
You wouldn't like it, would you.
Be honest.
So, if you wouldn't say them to someone who needed your help, and you wouldn't want to hear them from someone else, why say them to yourself?

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You deserve better.

Treat yourself better.
You will BECOME better.

Have a great weekend!!!!!


  1. YES! I LOVE this post! I think the more we talk about it, the easier we can see how we say things to ourselves, and it becomes easier to challenge. Wait...I mean, as a counselor...I NEVER talk in black/white terms. haha. oh wait. Great job continuing to challenge yourself!

  2. Gene--Sometimes the synchronicity out there blows me away. I just posted on this topic last week ( I love your perspective of "walking a mile in your own shoes." I may be stealing that reframe to use in future conversations with clients. Thanks!