Monday, March 28, 2011

Cupcake marathon race report, phase ONE.

When i first heard of the CupCake Marathon, how could i NOT sign up?
When I heard that there was an option do to a half or a full, how could i NOT sign up for the full??? seriously? I get to do it over the course of TWO WEEKS! certainly i could set a PR!!!
Dutifully, I tried to print out the bib. Below you can see the result. I tried it from three computers, using 2 different printer options.
what did i get?
Yes, boobies. Honeslty, though, I enjoy those more than I do cupcakes, so it almost seems fitting (sorry Mom) (and Tracey....even though your cupcakes are yummy, i would rather.......nevermind. (Sorry, Mom!) )
where was I?
OH! right.
needless to say i didn't run with my bib on, nor did i take a picture with my bib.
what did I do? tune in to the next installment (soon!), and you'll find out. I leave you with a picture of boobies cupcakes....
CupCake Marathon Race Bib. Or IS it???


  1. those could also be butt dimples!

  2. haha.. thats funny.. good stuff and looking forward to hearing how the race went.
    Happy Running,

    Gotta Run,