Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tough to open the newspaper (remember those?) these days without finding some story about ‘illegal performance enhancement drugs’ or ‘doping’ or some other such….chemical.

While I am not in favor of illegal activity, I am not yet convinced that drugs should be disallowed.

“WHAT????”, I hear you cry out. “Gene, how can this BE???”

Hear me out.

There are MANY, MANY LEGAL performance enhancers being used every single day, in nearly every sport, at any given time. You likely either know someone who is doing it, or are doing it yourself.

“WHAT????”, I hear you cry out. “Gene, how can this BE???”

Let’s take a look at ‘performance enhancers’. I’m not referring to see-Alice or that blue pill. those are performance pro-longers, not necessarily enhancers. BAHAHAHA… Can we agree that an enhancer is something that you take or use to enhance your performance beyond what it would be if you didn’t take or use them?

Given this definition, INSULIN is an enhancer. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is an enhancer. GLASSES and CONTACTS are enhancers. See what I mean? If I step up to bat without my glasses, my performance will be LESS than it would be if I were wearing my glasses. Therefore, the glasses have ENHANCED my performance. If I were an insulin diabetic, my in-game performance would be ENHANCED if I took my shots, versus if I didn’t take my shots.

My point is this: so what if athletes dope? I understand that it is wrong if the doping is against the rules. Is it as simple as just changing the rules? Are there more far reaching implications? Is there an over-arching concern for YOUTH who might be inclined to use the drugs if their favourite athlete does? I’m not so sure it is that clear a line.

As I stated in the beginning, I am not in favour of the illegal activity. I’m just not so sure why it is still considered illegal.


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  1. Good post, Gene. I think that the reason it's illegal is because it raises so many questions. What about the negative health effects? What about the message it sends out to children? I don't think there's a fine line, but rather a big blurry mess that scares everyone.