Monday, August 20, 2012

I’m a little tied up right now…

18 months ago (or so), I read an article about how to tie your laces to prevent them from coming undone. No double knot needed. I was intrigued, so I decided to tie my LEFT shoe with the new method, and the right one the same old way that I’ve been tying them since I was about 30 days old.

I gotta tell you, the LEFT shoe never came untied. I was amazed. I have finally converted to tying BOTH shoes (yes, I am a bit slow…) the same way, and now they both stay tied.

What is this secret method? Does it involve special incantations and rituals? Yes. I always have to plan an extra half hour to get ready so that I can be certain to tie my shoe the correct way. Lemme tell you, though, that extra half an hour saves MINUTES of retying my sneakers during a run. I mean, let’s say that I’m out for a 5 miler. I might have to tie my shoes 3 times, for a total stopped time of around 45 seconds. SEE? Half an hour well spent!!!!

Are there any arcane rituals that you use to save you time that don’t really save you time? C’mon. You can tell me. Not all that many people read my blog anyway….

Confession: the knot tying didn’t take any extra time. At first I did have to retie my LEFT shoe once I realized that I did it the ‘old’ way. That quickly ended though, and I was right on track. What is the secret?  Ummm…hang on, I gotta tie my shoes to figure out how to ‘splain it….

Ok. got it. (are you still with me? anyone, anyone?) simple knot (beginning) is unchanged. Make the first loop…NOW…here’s where it might get different for you. it did for me….

If you bring the other lace UNDER the loop, bring it OVER instead. If you already bring it OVER….do that, and then go have some chips and salsa. YUM! Yea, it is that simple. I used to go under. My laces would loosen up, and eventually come untied. Not any more. I was pleasantly amazed.

Thanks for sticking around….




  1. Hummm. I'm Going to pay attention the next time I tie my laces.

  2. Hahaha I'll try to remember this the next time I'm tying my shoes.