Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fit it in where you can…


Exercise. Sheesh.

In line at the store, I like to do calf raises. When taking clothes out of the dryer, sometimes I’ll do squats. If I am lying on the floor, I’ll often do a pushup then the bottom part of a burpee before I stand. Rising from a chair? I don’t use my arms.

At work, I stand. I’ve converted my regular desk to a standing desk by flopping a book case over, shelves down, and using the back of the book case as my work surface. It has been 2 years this week.

When I can, I like to do some sort of exercise while I am on a conference call. Lately, during the #attune twitter chats (Wednesdays at NOON ET), I have been doing a dip challenge. The first week, every time someone tweeted “GF” (for Gluten Free), I did 5 dips on the radiator in my office. By the end of the half hour, I’d done 150 dips. This week I used “snack” as my keyword, and to the thanks of some enthusiastic tweeters, I knocked out 220 dips during the half hour chat. It was great! Those last 10 came fast, and I was having a bit of trouble maintaining good form, but I managed to squeeze them out.

Point here is that you CAN find creative ways to get some good exercise in, without the big machines or weights at the gym. Opportunities to get healthy are all around us.

Where do you find yours?

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