Sunday, June 28, 2009

what else can i do?

I am at work, at the end of my second of three nights in a row. Since census is low, my patient has been very sleepy, and thus I have had BEAUCOUP time to cruise the web and poke around a bit. I have spent most of the time reading other runners' blogs, laughing at their stories, empathizing with their stories, and just plain learning about other people. Which is something that I like to do. A lot. (Not that anyone would know it....)
As a way of keeping some of these sites from becoming lost to my ALZ, here are some of them:
steve in a speedo (gross!)

i think that there are more, and i will put those here if i find them.
i have also been wanting to be 'part' of something, and i think that it might be Team in Training, but i am not sure yet. this coming wednesday i will be meeting with a rep from the Albany, NY chapter, to get more information about forming a local chapter and that sort of thing. if it isn't that, then i am not sure. Athletes for a Cure is my alternate choice, but is more of a first choice, actually.

no running this weekend, but I did get some work done on the yard project. moved a bunch of dirt on Friday, which gave me a bit of an upper body workout, and then used the driveway/wheelbarrow combo to get glutes and thighs in. deep steps, etc. put up a section of fence on saturday, and my forearms got a little bit of a burn from that. more on sunday, and again on monday. would like to have the metal fence moved a bit by the 4th. more on this saga at my original blog

back to running.....

behind on my goal for the month, but overall i am happy with what i have done. in July, i need to step it up, and really really get out there on a scheduled basis. printed off a half-marathon training schedule tonight, and will start using it sunday afternoon, if i can. if not, then monday i will sub in sunday's 5k run instead of stretch and strength. i will use the APD road race course and the 'solar winds 5k' for the 5k days, and then fit in other things in other places, including the AT.

ok. enough for now. work is almost done!

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