Saturday, January 9, 2010

Re-view Mirror

isn't that what yer cousin Bubba has in his truck?
sorry.go ahead,  hate me. i don't mind. the back button still works, right? :)

this year, like all years, i received some WONderful gifts. here is a breakdown of the ones that i have been able to use ALREADY (i am so psyched!)

le stick. ok, it isn't really French. but it looks like this: looks like               <-----THAT. almost like some sort of torture device, but you use it to roll along your muscles to stimulate blood flow and the release of the pent up toxins lovely bits of greatness produced by exercise. you have to apply pressure while you roll it, and MAN does it feel GREAT. (more fun is to be had when you do it to kids and other unsuspecting adults. it has a very TICKLISH effect......) The video is fun to watch, too. Produced in the late 80's or early 90's.....need i say more?

The next item up for review is RICE DREAM. what? yes. Rice Dream beverage. Santa was very gracious again this year. He knows that we love us some 'regular' items under the tree. So this year I received some
(what's with all the empty space up there????? ^^^^^^) and tucked it away for a rainy day. or the next day. whichever. does it really matter? For the record, it took me only a few days to finish it off.
                   I got some delish Clif Bars, too. Blueberry Crisp was my fave.
Blueberry Crisp

Just enough sweetness to make me think that i am eating a candy bar, but just enough NOT sweet to remind me that candy hasn't crossed my lips in 27 MONTHS. what was i THINKING? 

Socks. I got some runnin' socks. EMS ankle running socks. I haven't run in them yet, but they ARE comfy to wear to work. Thank you, thank you!

Got some cool t-shirts with savy-sayin's on them. One says, "I am out of my mind right now, but feel free to leave a message."

And books. I got 4! Yes, me. I got books. If i could only remember how to read, I'd be all set. Thankfully, one of them is a CD version. Lance Armstrong's second book, something about Every Second Counts. The others are a running log book (to track my miles, types of running, etc.), and the following 2 books:

Product Details and     Product Details. For those of you keeping score at home, "Running from the Devil" IS a work of fiction. Yes you read me right. Fiction. As in made up. As in someone had a bad dream, wrote it down, and is now making a bunch of money from all that. I read "Born to Run" in less than a week. It has inspired me to try to run with 'better' for started reading the fiction book a few days ago, and have had a hard time putting it down. Shhh. Don't tell the Russians anyone.
Well, as Click and Clack may agree, I have squandered enough of your time for this post. Feel free to check back later, as I will be letting you know how my Push Up Challenge is going. ok. I will spare you the is GONE. i lasted a week, then couldn't keep up with it. Sue me.

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