Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Runday

here is a map of my run today. big THANK YOU to T for allowing me to get out for an hour or so to kick some asphalt.
when i went out the door, i was immediately aware that i had misjudged the temperature, so i went back inside to add another layer to my top. this must have been when i dropped my left glove, but i didn't know it was missing until i got out of the truck to start the run. good thing that the back seat is so cluttered; i was able to find an extra work glove that i wore on my left hand. let's just say that the fingers are mostly worn through and therefore it didn't offer very much protection from the cold. better than nothing, though.
as i headed north along rt. 5, the wind was coming right at me. brrrr.....and that part of the route is a long (almost a mile) uphill that doesn't seem too bad until you get about half way through it. left turn, out of the wind, but then up, up, up....i considered walking a bit, but that only lasted about 10 steps. i went into slow jog mode, and decided not to walk at all this time around. i did drop to the 10 minute pace two or three times, but tried not to stay there for too long.
when i got back to rte 5, i hadn't covered nearly as much ground as i thought i would have, so i had to get creative with the route to make the distance.
was thinking about bloggyland friends running down in Miami this weekend, and training out on the west coast. plan for tonight is to snuggle in and read my new Runner's World, drink some tea, and try really hard to stick with my new 'rule' of not eating anything after 7pm. so far, so good. T is snuggled in with B, Z is watching the NFL All Star game, and M is about to get on the gazelle for an hour or so.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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