Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

my Internet Buddy over at NCRunnerDude often has contests. I have entered about 5 of them so far, but had never won anything.
"Congratulations to Gene Soboleski, the winner of RunnerDudes's AudioFuel/London Marathon Song Nomination Drawing!"
All i really did was submit a song that i thought should be part of the London Marathon Sound Track, and my name was pulled out of a hat. I get 20 pounds worth of goods from the sponsoring web site, over there in the U.K.! Their site is here. I plan to go there tonight and get my goods. After I have had the chance to listen, I will review the product here. I must say, though, that I enjoy running with music, so i am particularly PSYCHED to be getting this prize.
In other news, my cousin and his wife down in Sarasota, FL, welcomed the newest member of our family, Syndney, to the world today.Congrats from Vermont!
I am posting from work, and it has the feel that something 'interesting' is about to happen. Keep in mind that I work in an ICU, and that 'interesting' means different things to different people.......
peace, YO!


  1. Congrats on your win!

    Let's see: ICU + Vermont = wacky skiing/snowboarding injury?

  2. Jamoosh! well, it would add up to that, except that I work at the Veteran's Hospital, so I take care of a lot of sick and dying Vets. it is a great honor. It really drives home the fact that we need to take care of ourselves when we are young.

  3. Gene, or should I call you Mr. King Kong? Thanks for your poop comment.

    I have won a couple things on the Giveaways and love winning (hey, who doesn't love winning).

    Your blog makes me laugh. Keep up the great work.