Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First EVER guest post

Today was supposed to be the day that I posted all of the wonderful pictures that I took on the 4th. A slice of small town America: parade with loads of tractors, kids' baseball teams, out of step marching bands, and some cool lookin' hot-rods. Oh, and fireworks. But last night I didn't feel like loading/cropping the pictures, so I didn't post them (clearly).
Instead, I invite you to read a guest post by my long-time friend and confidant Job Bisgachi. Job (pronounced JOBE) and I go waaay back, back to the times of Snoopy lunchboxes, folded up paper football games in the library, chopping wood, and even my turbulent past. He and I were talking about blogging and such a while ago, and he thought that it would be 'fun' to guest host for me.
I am not certain that he was the BEST choice for my first guest spot, but here goes.....
And so, I give you, Job.

Hey all! Job Bisgachi here. As Gene has probably already said, he and I go way back. It is so much fun to be writing here for him, i just can't tell you how much. I won't bore you with stories from Gene's past, and I'm not here to say what a great guy he is (or can be...). I do, however, want to offer some of my own insight into this whole fitness/wellness lifestyle.
I have never been the fittest person in the room. I have often tried to be; dabbling in mountain biking, water aerobics, rock climbing, hiking, 'speed hiking', and running. I love food. For me, eating is (or should be as often as possible) an event. An experience; not just something that you do because it is 'time to eat'. If it is noon and i am not hungry, then i won't eat. unless, of course, there is something really tasty or interesting to be had, then, well, all bets are off! I pay attention to textures, to temperatures, to taste, to smell, to presentation....all of it. I should have been a, what does he call them? oh, a 'foodie'.
Then one day i just decided that I had had enough of this half assed ness, and set my mind to improving my health status. Even though this has been a tough decision for me, it has been the right one. Like a quotation that has been buzzing around lately says, "I didn't say it would be easy. I said it would be worth it." Amen..... I am still not looking to be the fittest person in the room. But i sure as heck don't want to be the LEAST fit person, either. The only person who has control over that is ME. Since I am not being fed through a tube, and am not limited in my physical capapbilities (no, i cannot lift a car. today. but if i wanted to, i could make that happen.).
The change must begin within. If I want to be a rocket scientist, I have to do the work. If I want to someday hike Aconcogua, I have to be the one to do the preparations, etc. I cannot sit back, in my nauga-hide barka lounger and wait for it to happen. Because it won't.
Why am I preaching? Well, to be honest, I am hoping that Gene will read this with fresh eyes and do what he knows he has to do. Also, well, if I can inspire others (what, he has like 5 readers, right?) to grab the bull by the horns, that'd be great.  So the next time you are thinking about making a change (for the BETTER. ALWAYS FOR THE BETTER) remember that it HAS to begin with YOU.
And now, back to Eugene. ahahahaahahah...that NEVER gets old.....get it? you, Gene? ahahah....i crack myself up...

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