Friday, July 1, 2011

Final 2011 Juneathon(g) post...

remember juneathon(g)? i posted about it a few times at the beginning of the month, then just stopped using in my titles, but still posted about (mostly) running all month.
this month was my best ~athon(g) month so far!! did nearly 60 miles. not a lot, to be sure, but i consider it a win. (and so should YOU. bah.)
Along the way I have had some interesting experiences (classes), participated in a virtual race (SYTO5k), read some fun blogs, and was egged on by several people from across the Pond. All in all, an entertaining month of running/biking, logging, and blogging.
Big thank you to Cathy for hosting and organising the event. Are shirts available??????

My last run of the month was last evening. It was only 2 miles, but here's how it really went:
Warm up:
25 butt kicks
25 jumping jacks
(2 sets)
25 squats
25 2-step Heismans
(2 sets)
these were performed in the back parking lot of a local bank. cars came through to use the ATM, and lemme tell ya...i got some ODD looks. especially while doing the Heismans...
After warm up...this:
1 Mile Run
25 burpees
50 sit ups
25 push ups
25 pull ups (I only managed 15!!!)
1 Mile Run
on the clock. my first mile fell in 8:31. the other stuff took me around 3 minutes, not including 15 second break between exercises. second mile lasted 9:30. i walked. 3 times, but for less than 50 yards total. I was sucking wind big time.
I couldn't figure out why....UNTIL....i remembered that on tuesday i donated 'double reds', which is to say instead of donating a pint of whole blood, i donated 2 pints of RED BLOOD CELLS. you know, the ones that carry oxygen to our cells, so they can use in to burn energy? yea, those. so I'm low, which CAN explain why I was beat. Let's go with that, shall we?

Running class continues to move along well; we went to a local track on Wednesday, and will go back again tonight. Good times!

Have a great 4th weekend, all!!!! Maybe I'll be back during the weekend....dunno.

Be Well.

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