Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun Friday Evening

Tonight I brought B with me to the track for class. On Wednesday there was baseball practice and a few ultimate frisbee games, and i figured he could watch them while we did our thing. As SOON as we got there, he decided to run a lap. He just took off running. In his Lighting McQueen flip-flops. ZOOM, off he went. I was talking with the students and missed a photo op, so i had him run an extra 10M or so to catch this shot...bryce at track

It was a great night to run. I kinda wanted to stick around after class and do some running on my own, but that wasn’t to be tonight. And that is OK. After class B and I went over to the playground and he cruised around the play set (is that what they are called? I don’t know!). This one has a tower that is very high, and he went right up it without hesitation. Me? I was all puckered up on the ground, waiting for him to go down the slide…tower

Once he went up and down enough times to make…well, let’s just say he went up and down a lot…we ordered some pizza and brought it home for dinner. Timing was good, I think, because this was the sky as we left:


All in all, great time at the track this evening! Have a great Saturday, everyone. We’ll be running around the upper valley, getting doors, plywood, antique beds, and who knows what else.  See you later!!!!

Be Well,



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