Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Run, rest, repeat.

At class last night we did repeats. I try to send out the next week's schedule ahead of time, and have not made this goal only twice, i think. This past week, I was certain to send it out in time, you know, just to give the students the chance to get psyched up to run half mile (800M) repeats.
Mother Nature must have hijacked the emails, because she was doing repeats, too; only hers weren't negatives. As the evening wore on, the breeze went away, and the temps went up. We probably finished 5 degrees warmer than when we started, and we were at the track for less than 45 minutes.
This isnt' the track that we use. Ours only has 6 lanes, and the 6th lane, especially in front of the bleachers, is usually littered with hurdles. ANYWAY, we are thankful to be able to use the track at a rival high school, so you generally won't hear us complain.
The ladies did a great job! I was very happy for them; some tried to beat some personal bests for time, others for distance running versus walking. I tried my best to run/walk with everyone, but that gets tough to do. I am never quite sure if my being there is helpful or hinderful....but I am there, just the same!
Overall the class is going very well. Ladies still seem motivated and challenged. We were talking about running the route of August's 5k in the week between the end of class and the event. I think that it would be a great idea!
I am really glad that I decided to do this!!! Thank you for your encouragement along the way.

Be Well,

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