Sunday, June 26, 2011

SYTO5K Race Report

I will try to get a Juneathon( g ) update tomorrow, but suffice to say that my Juneathon( g )-ing hasn’t been what it should, although it is statistically better than last year’s event.

Special shout out to my home crew for allowing me to spend time doing this update as well as the race.

Pre-race, I was able to get away from the crowds and photogs long enough for my personal photographer to snap this candid shot of me in front of one of Tracey’s gardens. (seems as though I need to do a little maintenance on the road side of the fence…..)

IMAG0436When I pinned on the #1 bib number Bryce said, “why are you wearing a number 1? did you win a race?” Cute, little man, cute. No, I haven’t won a race since I was in 5th or 6th grade…. I drove to the start area, turned my .mp3 player to some jammin’ tunes, and started my warm up (this consists of making sure that the garmin is ON (check), that the car key is secure in its pocket (check), and that my shoes are tied (double check).

I chose to run this race on trails. Woods running is in my blood. I feel free…blah blah blah blah blah….I like the woods. I ‘belong’ there….The trail waswell marked, and I had no trouble finding the start line:IMAG0438

I ran this same course for the Fyto5K, back in January 2011. I love this local trail. I would run it every day if I could, just because. It is a nice out and back, or if you’d like, when you reach the other end you can run on roads to make a loop. I prefer NOT to do that. This view is of the trail this winter, and the one after it is the same trail section last evening.


Just a little different, eh? BOTH are very fun to run. As I was running along I tried to concentrate on being ‘light’ on my feet. I was trying to focus on my running, breathing, and how I ‘felt’. The scenery was nice, as usual, and as it has been rainy lately, the rocks and roots were especially slick. I almost went down in a heap a few times, but managed to stay upright. Didn’t even pull a muscle!

The terrain varies, as does the condition of the trail. There are places where you have to dodge mud and slick rocks, and also wide open sections like this:


As I mentioned, I felt great during this race. There were times when I walked, in places that I usually walk, but I find that on this trail the little walks help. Here’s the elevation profile from the Freeze AND Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k 2011.


Almost looks as though I should have brought along some climbing gear!! Teri (Garmin) tells the tale:

IMAG0444Not to disappoint the race director, I leave you with a final picture. What would this trail be without a picture of Uranus?



  1. Love the picture of Uranus...wait, that didn't sound right.

  2. Bahahahaha well done on the race and I'm sure Adam will award you extra points for Uranus!

  3. Dude, that is one giant race bib, but one nice looking run!

  4. Sounds like a great run. :) I like the new layout, btw.

  5. Very Awesome!! Trails scare me... heck uneen pavement scares me... You are my hero!!!

  6. You won races when you were in 5th or 6th grade? Sweeeeeet. I was always jealous of those kids. I was the one picking dandelions in the infield.

    Got you added to the recap!