Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Juneathon(g) day 1

Yes, we’re back at Juneathon. And today, the first day, which coincidentally is also World Run Day, I ran.


Ok, well, they were both rather short runs (a mile each) but they served two masters. The first was to map out a 2k course (the THIRD ONE) for a 2k event that we are having at work. I don’t know why the other two that I created weren’t good enough, but I am just a member of the team, not THE team….. I ran 5 figure 8’s around one of our parking lots before I got to 2k. Done and done. except for the map, which I have to create and then put in .ppt format so that I can email it to work so that I can go in early and print it out and make copies that are just going to blow away at the empty registration table and then the Police (yes, Police, not security. PAHLEEEEZE don’t call them Security…) will want to throw me in Levenworth where I’ll be somebody’s b!tch and my legs will get all itchy because I won’t have a chance to shave them in jail and then welll….I guess I’ll just find a rock and put it on the papers.

The next run was for ME. kinda. it felt great to be out there, sweating, heart beating, getting odd looks from coworkers. good times. I mapped out that 3 laps around the parking lot’s outer loops is .5 miles. so I ran those three in negative splits, then walked a lap while I chatted with a colleague, then ran three more before heading home. good way to end a day. should do it more often….maybe.

I’d wanted to get out on the trails today, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

Perhaps next time.

Be Well,



  1. Awesome job getting the runs in!
    A running event at work sounds like fun what is that about?

  2. I'd like to see the math that gets 2k out of a 1 mile run. ... just sayin'