Friday, June 3, 2011

Juneathon(g) Day 2

late, and a dollar short.
Day 2 included a planned event. The company I work for (Feds) staged a "VA2K" event at nearly all of our facilities (Veteran's Hospitals) across the country. The purpose was two-fold: 1)collect supplies for our homeless Veterans 2)get people outside during the day to walk/run/roll for 2k. As i mentioned on Day 1, i had to map out a(nother) 2k course. so i did.
Yesterday morning I walked the 'tough' course with one of our RD's, planting grade stakes and stapling logo'd arrows to them: We called it the tough course because it included the most elevation changes via stairs and roads. The other two courses were simple loops around two different parking lots.
We handed out visors and pins to people who registered and provided them with water and fruit for 'recovery' from their walk.
Just before we closed up shop, one of my friends from the OR came down and i walked the course with her. She's getting ready for a half-marathon this Sunday. I didn't get in, but will be there to cheer her and some other co-workers' on to their finish.
So that made 4k of walking for the day.
Until i realized that somebody (me) had to go pick up the grade stakes that we had planted earlier. So I did. YAY! 6k walked for the day.
Juneathon(g) day 2 sorted.

Be Well,

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  1. Way to get it done. You Juneathon peeps are awesome!