Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boobs to men....

i once heard a saying that "breasts are to men what shoes are to women: even if you have a pair at home, you still can't help but look at more." Of course, this doesn't apply to me, so no worries. (i mean, i have some at home (shoes, too!), but i don't really look at others. honest...) ANYWAY.....
Last night's running class was great. It was raining decently at the beginning, and even harder in the middle, and then lightened up by the end. I was very happy to see that just about everyone showed up ready to move! Gotta hand it to these ladies: they are motivated!
Last night went like this: 5 minute brisk walk with arm circles, 3 mins streaching, then a skipping/walking cycle X 5, then jogging/walking/walking x 5, then 1km free running x 2. (not going into the details....if you'd like to see them, head on over to
Monday was the same, and there were some grumbles from the group about having to do TWO 1km free running sessions. Remember, these are beginners (mostly....ahem!), so to do 1km at your own pace at the end of a session can seem daunting. But they do it. Not for me, but for themselves. Last evening, 2 very cool things happened:
2 of our students, during their SECOND 1km, ran for the longest that they have run yet in the class! Holy smiles. It was WONDERFUL to see the smiles on their faces as they finished up. I ran with one for the first 1km, then after our prescribed 5 minute break, ran the 2nd 1km with the other. Very cool to be a part of that!
Oh. the boobs....well....there were 2 other ladies who talked about boobs (theirs and others) almost the entire time. It wasn't awkward for me, as I am a (male) nurse and have worked around mostly women for the past nearly 10 years. it just struck the rest of us as funny that the conversation lasted as long as it did. One woman remarked, "hey, i like talking about boobage just as much as the next person, but wow....!"+
As part of Friday's class, I plan to talk about hydration, SPIBELTS, fuel, electrolytes, and BodyGlide....THAT conversation should be a hoot(er).
Be Well....


  1. Best post title ever! LOL! Great job last night!

  2. Love your class updates! And gotta love the boob talk. Most of the time. =)