Thursday, December 24, 2009

how do you spell goals? S.M.A.R.T.

In keeping with the whole New Year's Resolution theme, i have been rethinking my goals for 2010. Since there are so many things that I would like to do, I have also tried breaking them out into categories so that they might be more manageable.
Here are the categories, in NO particluar order:
Husband, Father/Step, Brother, Son, Nurse, Runner, Pet Owner.
I am certain to have left out a few roles/categories, but these are the ones that readily come to mind. Over the course of the next week or so, I will be working to break down the goals into these categories, then eliminate the ones that don't meet my "goal criteria". Huh? Didn't know that I had criteria. Oh, silly, silly reader! I have criteria for just about EVERYTHING. Ask my wife. She'll tell you. No logo's on shirts. ONLY plain, fat free yogurt. Go Lean Crunch. No Ketchup (ever). No Jell-o. But I digress....
So here are the criteria. Pretty simple, actually. I try hard to follow the acronym S.M.A.R.T. when setting goals. Perhaps you have heard of it? No? I am happy to share:
S=Specific. Instead of "run faster", setting a goal of "half marathon in under 1:50" is specific.
M=Measureable. As in 4 fewer incidences of dog using tile by back door for toilet by taking him out earlier in the mornings.
A=Attainable. While a goal of becoming Critical Care Certified by the end of the year is Specific, it isn't very attainable.
R=Realistic. Goes hand in hand with Attainable. Goal of "finishing first marathon in under 3 hours is Specific, it isn't all that realistic.
T=Timely. As in not too far off into the future. My first goal mentioned is Specific, but if I don't include a time with it, and leave it open ended (half marathon in under 1:50 at some time in my life), it doesn't fit. Something like "climb Camel's Hump with my family by the time the kids go back to school in August" meets all criteria. (hint, hint).
Armed with this, try to set some smart goals for you this year. Share them with me, and I'll try to help you remain 'accountable' to them (and yourself).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First and Second thoughts

About a month ago, i was struggling with a notion to run the '10 Key Bank Burlington City Marathon that is to be held on Memorial Day weekend. I didn't tell anyone about my idea for quite some time. I just 'slept on it' and tried to run on it, too. Then one day i couldn't keep my mouth shut and talked to T about it. As usual (Lord only knows WHY) she was (is) very supportive of the idea. One of my concerns is that there is a local Half Marathon that I really want(ed) to do that takes place the following weekend. I didn't think that it would be a great idea to run that only 7 days after my first marathon. I decided to try to register for the Half. If i got in, then i wouldn't consider the Marathon. I didn't get into the Half.
2300 slots available. sold out, online, in 25 minutes. i was on the site 3 minutes early. I didn't get in.
so, NOW what? the marathon is early in the season. Yes, the end of May can still be a bit chilly and unpredictable. More importantly, though, is that the months leading up to the end of May are very predictable. Predictably COLD and too miserable for training long miles outside. Which means the Rubber Band of Doom (title borrowed from RazzDoodle over at running off at the mind.) I may have mentioned my disdain for this torture device piece of equipment. Check below to be sure. Done? Good.
So my current delemna is deciding if it is really worth trying to train for a marathon that early in the season. if
i go about it the wrong way, i could end up with an injury that would lay me up for the rest of the summer (which in Vermont is on a Tuesday in 2010). That would NOT be fun. My practical side is saying to wait and find a 'better' date later in the year, like the beginning of August. In the deep south. Uphill. Ok, maybe not all of those, just the August part.
I had put part of the entry fee on my Birthday/Christmas list, but may have to rescind that request. I also told my sister that i was planning to do it, and now have to tell her that i am not. T, too, may be a bit surprised,
especially if she reads it here before i have a chance to tell her in person. what with all of the Christmas
craziness, mebbe she'll let this one slide.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blatant attempt to win stuff

Head on over to Rachael's blog to enter to win a signed copy of a cool runner's book. Apparently she's 'connected'. Very lucky, indeed.
I haven't been a follower for long, but i am adding her to my google reader page. oh, and twitter. why?
free stuff. Helllllooooooooo!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sorry, Friday, but I was distracted.

I awoke at 5, with the alarms, ready to get OOB (Out Of Bed) and head to the dreamill's secret lair and get an extra mile or two in on Friday. As I lay there psyching myself up to face the probable 15 degree morning, i heard a distinct pitter-patter in the hall. Soon, the sound stopped at our door. I whispered, "get in here, quick!" and lifted up my covers.
How could i not? So B, with his B and Frog Blanket in tow, snuggled right in next to me. And we cuddled, hugged, giggled, tickled, all while trying hard not to wake up T. As time for T to get up approached, I had B go give her kisses.
"Why?", he asked. "Because she loves them", i whispered back. So B climbed up over me and started pecking at T's half covered head, easing her into the morning like only kisses from a child can do. T reluctantly got OOB and went down the hall to steele herself for the coming onslaught of ankle biters and screamers daycare kids. I honestly don't know how she does it every day. At least I usually have the option to "titrate to effect" orders for my patients. T, well, doesn't. But I digress.
So as T was down the hall, and (more or less) awake, B was attacked by the Nibbler-Nabbler. He comes around mostly in the mornings (although you should never really let your guard down) and tickles and nibbles and kisses little kids until they giggle uncontrollably. And then he does it a little more.
Finally we had to get up, too, and tackle the day. By now it was too late to salvage any meeting with the dreadmill. rats.
So, sorry, Friday, but I was distracted.

Monday, December 7, 2009

moving along now....

starting second week of pushup challenge tomorrow night. had to 'rearrange' the days, but made it through. am considering doing the same workouts this week, too. why not?

ran on the dreadmill this morning. only had time to squeeze in 2 miles because i didn't plan ahead well. does this surprise anyone? anyone? Beuller? Beuller? didn't think so. at any rate (fastest I got was 8.5mph for the last .25 mile), my body was just getting into the groove when i had to stop. unfortunately my internal thermostat didn't get the memo. i sweat. a lot. even in my sleep. so after running 2 miles in 8 minutes (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) ok, in sixteen something....i had to stop. even though i took an extra long time in the big bathroom changing, and taking a bird bath. after changing into my interim clothes, i sped off to the canteen for breakfast. grabbed some toast, egg, and bacon with large coffee. (yep, dabbing sweat the whole time).
back to our locker room, changed into scrubs, (yep, still dripping), dumped a buncha baby powder down my shirt and headed in to the Unit.
such was the beginning of my day.
Thank you, T, for giving me the opportunity to run in the mornings.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Push up-date

Like I promised, I started the hundredpushup challenge this past Monday. My test put me able to start at week 3, and I should have been in the last column, with the hardest workout. knowing myself as i do, i started in the second column, with the middle of the road workout.
it goes like this: there are 5 sets. 60 second rest between sets. set 1)12, 2)17, 3)13, 4)13, 5) max (at least 17). well, i did just find up to the last set, and my max was 16. i was a shakin and a quakin, trying to push the bedroom floor into the basement. but only got 16. and a shady 16 at that. prolly best to say 15.
at any rate, i missed yesterday because i was...ummm...not paying attention. then i intended to do them this morning, but i was...ummmm....forgetful. and cuddling with B on the couch, using him as a pillow (very giggly, bumpy, wiggly pillow!) before I left for work.
so mebbe tonight.

ran 4 miles on the dreadmill last night while Z was at practice. i hate that thing.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Of Biggest Loser and Chocolate Mousse

We had a small amount of heavy cream left over from the Bread Pudding we made last week, and i hated to throw it away. so, hmm, what can i make with it...? I KNOW! chocolate mousse!! why the heck not?? wellll, the 'why not' turned out to be that we didn't have ENOUGH cream. called for 2 cups, only had hafl a cup. so let me quarter it! nah, T says, just go get more cream.
so i did.
and it worked out just fine. made enough for a serving of 8, but looks to me more like a serving of 2. recipie called for espresso, but i just used some strong coffee from my bodum ("it's just a widdle guy!"). also needed..umm..what's that orange liquer? yea, anyway, don't have it, so i used Kahlua.
melt melt melt, whip whip whip, fold fold fold, mix mix mix, place in fridge.
oh, that last sentence took about an hour. while we watched NBC's "the biggest loser". nom, nom, nom. seems odd to be making that kinda rich, dense, yummy food while watching those folks struggle. but hey! that's all good.
got up to run this morning, but then remembered that I didn't get the milk last night, and needed to get it this morning. so run has been postponed to take place while Z is at practice. I am going to try to use the gym at the middle school, but if that doesn't pan out, i will go to the VA. i am fortunate to have it to use!
tossing around goals and race choices for next summer....must try to remember not to dream TOO BIG. (have we met?)

the good thing about me sinking like a rock when i try to swim is that i don't see any triathlons in my future. good to know my limitations! (which is counter to one of my favourite quotations, "find your limits and exceed them.")
alright. back to work!