About Gene (BOUTDRZ)

Several years ago i was trying to come up with a clever way to express myself via my car's license plate.
This was the beginning of "BOUTDRZ" (Be Outdoors). I have a great friend, Ron, who is just as much of a joker as I am, so he decided to get "COUTDRZ" for his truck. Our wives weren't too impressed (she is now my ex-wife), but we had a good chuckle. We laugh, still, at the thought of having "POUTDRZ" on a license plate, but to this date neither one of us has done it yet.....
My new plates reflect a new part of my life, but I still have BOUTDRZ hung up on a wall in the house...

As for who I am? well, that's a bit of a story. I'll spare the details and just hit some of the high spots:

  • Presently married to my high school sweetheart. We dated when i was a senior, then i went to Japan as an exchange student, listened to the wrong people, and broke up with her.
  • She stalked me on classmates dot com (not really stalked...) at just about the time my first marriage was headed for the big D. She tried to convince me to stay and make it work, but it was over.
  • We got married 2.5 years later.
  • I have 2 step sons, Mike and Zach. We have one together, too: Bryce.
  • I am an RN, but am not presently working in the clinical field. I am the Nursing Informatics Coordinator for a local hospital.
  • I was in the Army National Guard for 11 years, both as a mechanic and a medic. While in MS training to deploy to Ramadi, Iraq, I re-injured my back and was granted an Honourable Discharge. I have very mixed feelings about this that will likely haunt me for the rest of my life.
  • I lost friends during their deployment, and some who came home never really came back.
  • I run. I love it. It is my release, my escape, my therapist, my muse. I prefer woods to roads.
  • I have run 3 half marathons and one full. This year I have set some pretty lofty running goals for myself, and have every intention of achieving them.
  • I am not good at talking about myself. I don't like groups. I am not good with small talk.
  • I am goal oriented and performance driven.
  • I am hungry. Most of the time.
  • I truly enjoy interacting with people online, especially through email and twitter.
  • I can be reached via email at gene@boutdrz.com