Wednesday, March 30, 2011

review of Kay’s Naturals.

In true @boutdrz fashion....wait just a just came to me that some of you may not know what 'boutdrz' means. In fact, i am willing to bet ALL of the lint in my belly-button that you don't. (Mom, Tracey, are exempt. Unless of course you want to win some lint. In which case, just ask. I make it all the time. Like now....)

Huh? oh, right. yes. Boutdrz is something that I came up with years ago for a vanity plate for my vehicle at the time. I love the outdoors, and love to BE outdoors, so i came up with boutdrz=Be Outdoors. At the time my friend Ron thought I was so clever that he decided to 1 up me, and got POUTDRZ for his plate. yea. jerk. ahahaha. it was good fun. did i ever tell you about the time he spit on my head? i'll do it some other time.

THIS post is about me, a Mizfit, and someone named Kay, who is very natural. Dunno about naturALE, but natural none-the-less. So i was on twitter (no surprise), and there was talk of a contest hosted by Mizfitonline, sponsored by Kay's Naturals. I entered. I won (surprise!). Or was one of the lucky winners. I don't think that I was the only one. Come to think of it, i wasn't. Others tweeted about having received a box like this, too:

Those of you with youngish boys may "reconnize" the comforter underneath the box. Yes, it is from "CARS". And no, it is not on Bryce's bed. it is on ours. my wife LOVES that.....

When I got home and opened the box, i was AMAZED to find all of these things in there:

Cookie bites, pretzels, protein chips, protein cereal. image

What? you live under a rock and have never heard of Kay's Naturals? Allow me to educate you (using their words, from their site).

"A recent study from Harvard Medical School found that most gluten free products currently available in the market place are high in starch and that many gluten-free formulations lack essential nutrients.

How is Kay’s Naturals different?

Kay’s Naturals has chosen to focus on a healthier balance of ingredients:

  • 100% gluten-free
  • 30 - 35% natural soy protein
  • 10 - 18% healthy fats
  • 10g - 12g fiber
  • 20 - 40% carbohydrates
  • Every 1-ounce (28g) serving has:
  • 9 -10g natural soy protein
        • 100 - 110 calories
        • 9g -13g carbohydrates
        • 1g - 3g fiber
  • Low saturated fats/no trans fats

I have never been a fan of fad diets or fad ways to eat things, I decided that I would give these GF snacks a try. Why? My Mom stopped eating gluten almost 2 years ago, and it has done amazing things for her. We kinda suspect that our middle guy may be intolerant, so i thought it would be a nice gesture to sacrifice myself in the name of science for my family: if they pass my test, then we might just stock up on the snacks to have around the house. why not, right? 

My only regret, honestly, is that the sample packages were so small! "LOVE, LOVE" this product!! They did leave a little bit of a detectable after taste, but no greasy feeling in my mouth, no strangeness in my belly. I am not big on cereals, but i tried theirs anyway; i used rice milk. Verdict? More, please!

Their site goes on to say:

"We are dedicated to bringing to you the very best gluten free snacks and cereals. All Kays Naturals products contain a superior balance of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and good fats. Our products are delicious and uniquely satisfying snacks and cereals that you will enjoy at home, work, play or travel.

Try them today and tell your friends! "

So there you have it. I have tried them, AND I am telling my friends. The spicy varieties were the right kind of spicy for me; enhancing flavor without burning my mouth or belly. Crunchy snacks, which i crave, that are healthy, which I want and need. Kay's, where have you been all my life????

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

do it for the cheese, do it for the cheese...

(anyone get that obscure reference? hit me up in the comments if you do!)
i have just spent entirely TOO much time working on my blog while at work. yep. this isn't anything new, actually, but i am trying to get away FROM doing that, instead of getting away WITH doing that.
the post was actually getting pretty good, and i was ready to wrap it up and hit PUBLISH.
but when i checked it out in preview or whatever it is called....BOGUS! the pictures were in the wrong place, text was everywhere except where i wanted it. ugly, ugly, ugly.
So i have it saved, and will try again using LIVE WRITER at home tonight. Have you every tried Live Writer? Neil had a tutorial about it on his blog yesterday. Check it out here. Neil's a great guy, fun loving dad, supportive husband. Oh, and he's my 2nd favourite Canadian, eh? My Uncle Allen is number One. (sorry, Neil). He's also trying to sell his fabulous house. If you are looking to live in the Calgary area, check it out!

Alright. Back to work that pays the bills.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cupcake Marathon Part Deux.... (pronounced "duh") (not really)

See that face? one that only a mother could love? See those double chins? yea.
and, for the record, i do NOT part my hair in the middle. i am more into the dude-going-bald-combover than anything else these days....
this is the picture of me that the elliptical saw last week while i was waiting to use the treadmill to start my venture along the cupcake marathon journey. i was just trying to figure out the controls, and to work out how i could use this thing without knocking myself out with those handle things. one of my big fears in the gym. i am ok with it if i try to lift a dumbell and rip my shoulder apart. no problemo. just don't fall of the 'mill (been there, done that!) or get knocked unconscious with an elliptical handle.
Here i am again, after about  35 seconds 10 minutes on the thing. It must work wonders, because my chins have gone away. (see Uncle Sam back there? Maybe he took them!) I went a mile, which took me  an eternity. I don't think i'll ever use that machine again. I was only able to get one mile on the 'mill that day, too, which totally sucked (the wind out of me).
A few days later, my mind re-resolved to get this thing done, I hit the mill again. Intervals this time, as I get really, really bored on the dreadmill. Yes, the little gym has a tv, but it is usually tuned to FOODTV. I am happiest on the the mill when Giada at Home is on. I imagine here in my kitchen, smiling away, cooking all kindsa strange things.... 
ok. not really. (yes, really). anyway, back to the intervals. I imagined i was running the Big Sur marathon, cruising across that bridge that is in all the ads. I was running very fast then, as i tend to pucker up around heights. I slowed down, as if I was in the LVRNR marathon, taking in all the sights and lights. Then back up to speed, running in the Chicago marathon, as it is just windy there and I want to be done.
Slowing again, I am in Bryce Canyon, and even though they only have a half, i am running it TWICE today, taking in the sights, the 'feeling' of connecting with the environment.

But then, like for almost every other virtual event I have signed up for, i have to post a great big DNF for the Inaugural Cupcake Marathon. Life got ahead of me this week, and running got behind. All kindsa crap-tastic things happened at the domicile these past two weeks, and mentally i couldn't get out to run.
Sad part is, though, that if i DID go out to run, i would most likely have been better off mentally. Stupid viscious cycle.....
So I leave you, intrepid reader, with a picture. It is from this past Saturday night. This scene unfolded about 5 minutes after, "I"M NOT TIRED! I DON"T WANT TO GO TO SLEEEEEEP" was yelled out by the same person in the picture.
I hope he dreampt of running in the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon with his Dad someday, because it is one of my dreams, too. Sleep well, little man....

Cupcake marathon race report, phase ONE.

When i first heard of the CupCake Marathon, how could i NOT sign up?
When I heard that there was an option do to a half or a full, how could i NOT sign up for the full??? seriously? I get to do it over the course of TWO WEEKS! certainly i could set a PR!!!
Dutifully, I tried to print out the bib. Below you can see the result. I tried it from three computers, using 2 different printer options.
what did i get?
Yes, boobies. Honeslty, though, I enjoy those more than I do cupcakes, so it almost seems fitting (sorry Mom) (and Tracey....even though your cupcakes are yummy, i would rather.......nevermind. (Sorry, Mom!) )
where was I?
OH! right.
needless to say i didn't run with my bib on, nor did i take a picture with my bib.
what did I do? tune in to the next installment (soon!), and you'll find out. I leave you with a picture of boobies cupcakes....
CupCake Marathon Race Bib. Or IS it???

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

arctic ease review (overdue)

One evening, while I was on #fitblog chat (on twitter....), a 'new' company called Arctic Ease was there. Their product uses some Harry Potter type chemical reactions to cool some fabric down and keep your injury at just the right temperature for healing. Or something like that. More or less. Here's what the company has to say about themselves: 
"The optimal temperature for effective cold therapy is above 59° F (15°C).* When skin temperatures go below that, tissue damage such as frost nip and frost bite can occur - it's one of the biggest risks associated with traditional ice therapy. And it's why you have to put ice on, then take it off - over and over again. Arctic Ease eliminates this inconvenience, reduces the risk and discomfort associated with temperature extremes and makes it easier to get relief from pain and swelling so you can get back to doing what you want to do." (bolding added for emphasis by GENE @boutdrz)
*Lee, Pardun, Buntic, Kiehn, Brooks, Buncke, ORTHOPEDICS, “Severe Frostbite of the Knees After Cryotherapy”, January 2007;30(1):63.b Cheng, Thompson, Yakobi, Dermatology, “FROSTBITE”, Updated: May 13, 2009

Somehow or other I entered a contest to win a sample pack. I think, and of course i am right, that it was from Carla over at I tell ya, she is a JEM. Or is it GEM? either. both. moving on...

So, as luck would have it, I won the contest, and a box that was chuck-a-block full (technical term) of Arctic Ease products showed up at the house one evening. It was a beautiful thing. Tracey was suffering from stress-induced muscle pain in her lower back, so she agreed (somewhat reluctantly) to test out the product that very night. She's awesome that way. Sometimes. (See my Orbana Review.)
Anyway, i slapped that puppy on her side gently placed one of the pads (sample came with pads AND rolls. sweet!) on her side. After she got done howling from the cold (she gets cold easily) and settled into bed, she said that it actually DID make the pain go away. Every time she rolled, however, it got chilly again. Even though i felt sorry for her, i knew that it was working! YAY!
Next morning, she reported that her pain had gone away a bit, and she was thankful for that. Thank YOU, Arctic Ease!
I tried it, too, on my knee, which i seemed to have tweaked a bit stepping off of a curb or something. Who knows. Anyway, I used one of the roll kits, since I am so hairy that there is NO way the patches will stick to me. Since I am a guy, I didn't read the instructions and just wrapped my knee and then went to bed. When I woke up in the morning....well....the wrap had basically turned into a CAST. It was as hard as a rock. And not a bit cold....I cut it off with a pair of scissors, bagged it, and brought it to work. I called the customer service line, and told my tale of woe.
I SO wish that I had written her name down, but the woman who helped me was WONDERFUL. She even laughed a bit when i told her that the product had turned to stone. She then asked how I wrapped it, and when i told her, she said, "did you read the directions?" HAHAHAHAHAAH. what? Um, no.
I should have wrapped in a figure of 8, at least twice around, to help keep the product moist. In fact, she suggested that i take the remenants that i had cut off and put them in a bit of water to revive the cold. It is STILL chilled. Amazing.
She also said that she would send me a new roll. She actually sent two. (please don't fire her!)
Arctic Ease has hired social media GURU @lisajohnson as their Director of Social Media. A very wise, strong move IMHO. Lisa is personable and brings great enthusiasm for fitness and overall wellness to the table as well.
All in all, I highly recommend Arctic Ease. Great product, great support, great people. Trifecta!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 Shamrock Shuffle 5k RR

This past Monday I registered for the 10th Annal Shamrock Shuffle 5k in Lebanon, NH. It is typically a very family friendly late winter event. I have heard really good things about it in the past, but have never participated. I hesitate to say "raced", as none of the events that I enter are 'raced'. They are run, but let's face it, I am never going to be...ok. Maybe 'never' is the wrong word. Shall we start over?
This past Monday..blah blah blah....
So i trained as hard for this event as i do for all events. Wednesday night I had a HUGE bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with caramel syrup. Friday morning, as many of you know, I had a nice, healthy breakfast at the golden arches. If you hadn't heard, feel free to scroll down and read all about it.
Saturday morning we went to a pancake breakfast fund raiser for Z's class trip to Quebec City. It was good fun, decent coffee, and too many pancakes. Yea. So i only ate 4, and was done eating by 945. Should have been ok, even for a 5k.
Since i am a man of science, I went with what i know works and took 2 immodium about 45 mins before the race. I prolly won't have to use the bathroom for a week. But when i do....YOWZA! anyone planning to strip paint or wallpaper in their throne room soon? I'll be right over.
Due to some unfortunate circumstances, my cheering section couldn't make it to the race. Lemme tell you, it is not much fun for me to race alone. I almost didn't go, actually. I hemmed and hawed about it, and finally Tracey basically kicked me out the door to go. Good thing they couldn't go, too, as it was FREEEEEEZING cold. Ok, maybe not as cold as that, but hey. FRIDAY we were in the 50's. Race day was closer to 30. And windy.
When i got to the locale, mobs of people were hanging out near city hall. As it turns out, they weren't hanging out, but rather waiting in line for bibs and shirts.
It took me at least 15 minutes to get in the door. Brrr.
Once I got inside, there was still a mob in the lobby. Eventually they split the line into A-K and whatever the next letter is through Z. That simplified things a bit, and we moved rapidly along. From outside, we could hear a megaphoned voice announcing that there would be about a 15 minute delay for the start of the race. After I got my bib and shirt, i saw signs letting us know that the bag drop area was on the 5th floor. I imagined a logistical nightmare (in keeping with registration) for retrieving my bag after the race, and dutifully left my bag in the room. I considered running in my warm up pants, but as i deliberated, i started to get too hot, so i stripped down to shorts, a thin long sleeved base layer top, and my bright yellow Brooks jacket. Oh, and of course, let's not forget my hat! 
Like those chins? yea. i have been working on those, but not in the right direction.......I wish that someone had told me that the hat was a bit off center. pooie. Anywho, I followed the herd across the street to the park in the middle of town. Lebanon (pronounced NOT like the place in the middle east. Accent on LEB, substitute an 'i' for the 'o'. Some locals pronounce it "LebaDIN", which makes my skin crawl.) where was I.???? OH, RIGHT! Leb (as others of us call it) has a green or a common in the center of town. this is very typical of many towns and even cities in New England. It is something that i really like about our region of the country. So the mob walked across the green and then stopped. I don't know why. Herd mentality totally took over. It was a psychologists DREAM situation.
Off to our right, about 100 yards away, maybe less, was the intersection that served as the START. A smaller  mob had gathered there as well, but our tribe seemed content to just stay put. It was odd. I half expected one group to start chanting, "We've got the Spirit, yes we do! We've got the Spirit, how 'bout YOU?!" and back and forth we'd go...
Are we there yet???
But that never happened. What DID happen, though, is that I met up with a friend of mine who I blame for getting me into these things in the first place. it was she who got me to run a leg of a half marathon relay, and then it snowballed from there. we chit-chatted a bit, and then suddenly our group was moving! YAY! we were on our way!!!!! Or so we thought.
All we did was jog over to the actual start line. Not knowing that at the time, I snapped this pic of Suzan and I, glad to finally be moving and on our way.

Can you see that rectangular thing, almost in the middle of the picture? It says "start". It is on a pole attached to a wooden base, plunked in the middle of the road. Yea. Ever watch the Tour de France highlights where cyclists smack into similar poles? well, the only saving grace here was that since it was at the start, we were barely moving when people tripped over it. HELLOOOOO!! put the sign in the air next time.... 
The first mile went by waaaay too fast, but it was still fun. I have to learn to start closer to the front, thought. lots and lots of pinballing around other runners took some extra energy, and caused met to nearly step in potholes and puddles and such. The course took us around some neighborhoods. Volunteers were available at each turn making sure that we didn't get flattened by traffic, and there was a water station at mile 1.9. I could have used one at mile 1.7, but it was worth the wait....
I did walk during the 3rd mile. I just didn't have it in me. I walked for about 20 yards three times. I owe it all to my extensive training regime.
Here's the elevation profile from garmin. not very impressive, is it?
But when you change the scale, it looks like this. WOW! Good thing i have some rock climbing experience! On belay!!!

Even though i am not really all that fast, my first mile was much too fast. The average shown includes the first quarter to almost half mile of pin-balling. 
There were some times that I looked at Teri (Garmin) and noticed that I was running close to a 7:10 pace, which is waaaay too fast for me. I tried to slow down, but found it tough not to get caught up in the fervor of the race. I really need to run more often. 

Congrats to everyone who ran this weekend. So cool to be part of this community.

Friday, March 18, 2011

breakfast (aka funny photo friday)

A few weeks ago someone gave me a coupon for a free cuppa oatmeal from the golden boobs arches. I carried it around for a while, then one day, in desperation, I went to that 'place' on my way to work one day. I was really, really anticipating a bowl full of crap, to be honest. I mean, have you seen the way Subway advertises their subs? And have you ever bought one that was even remotely similar? Me, either. So my expectations were looooooow. My decision to try it may have been inspired by a news story from the night before. Or from just pure hunger.
All in the name of science.
So i ordered one of these:
Cute, innit? see all that cruchy fruit on top? I was getting pretty psyched as I waited in line, looking up at all of the delicious looking food-products. Imagine my surprise and dismay, then, when I got back out to the truck to discover this in my bowl:

That's right. Slop. It appears that they plopped all of the wholesome goodness right on top of the steaming hot oatmeal somewhere behind the couter. Given that I also stopped in the vestibule to look at tourist guides for the area (in which i have lived a total of around 30 years, so...why, again?), the little apple chunks and whatever else was in there began to cook. Yea. In hospital, we refer to this type of diet as a "mechanical soft diet". Yum.
Needless to say I was disappointed. My advice, if you are still willing to give the oatmeal a try, is to ask if they could NOT put the fruit on, and let you do it when you are ready to eat. Maybe that would help.
Today I stopped at the same place and had one of their $3 specials: TWO bacon, egg, cheese sammiches on a biscuit. Lemme just say here that you can save a TON of money on special cleansing diets by ordering this breakfast instead. I don't suggest that you eat it at work, unless you have your own bathroom in your office, or if it is like right across the hall. 

Have a smooooth afternoon!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


umm. what? how did THAT get up there? it was supposed to say:
"my happy results thus far for the Cupcake Marathon"
must be something amiss with my keyboard. stupid Dell. at any rate, here is what happened to me on Monday when I tried to log some miles....
It was beautiful and sunny out, and I was VERY tempted to run on the roads. I had even brought my Brooks running jacket, as the temps were only in the low 40's. After a brief walk outside, though, I decided that it would be safer if I ran on the dreadmill. Egdes of the roads are still slick, muddy, and narrow. Plus the dust blowing around would be horrible to breathe. So i just went to our 'gym'.
The 2 treadmills were in use by people I have never seen in there before. Ever. Huzzah! for them, though, because they looked to be enjoying themselves as they walked along, watching the Food Network. Don't get me wrong, I love me some (eye) candy every now and then (Giada!), but not while I am huffing and puffing on the 'mill. Gimme some "American Pickers" or "Hoarders" instead. But I digress. (focus, focus!)
So I hopped on the 3-Dimensional Torture Device  elliptical, punched a few buttons (cardio, level 10/16, 20 mins) and tuned in to the latest podcast by Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone. Good times! Letmetellyounow,misterman, that 3DTD (see above) kicked my butt for 20 minutes while those two nice ladies strolled along at 3mph. Not that there is anything wrong with 3mph. Heck, that's pretty much what i averaged on the 3DTD; it took me 20 mins to go 1.2 miles. I imagined that the ladies would be done at 30 minutes. Nope. That time passed while I was still on the 3DTD, praying for one of them to get off so that i could just RUN!
Since it didn't happen, I got onto the stationary, recumbant bike. You know, the one that is supposed to be more ergo-whatever? Yea. Apparently this one wasn't made by AFLAC. Comfortable? Not exactly. Friendly? Not exactly. Fun? no.
So i spent 3 miles cranking away on that thing. Hurrah! it didn't take me long, but the ladies were still on the mills! I totally understand the need to get your burn on and all that, but when there are people waiting (3 more people had come in), and you are walking directly under a sign that says, "30 minute time limit".... c'mon, now....
FINALLY, when there were only 15 minutes left in my 'window of opportunity', one of them stepped off. YAY! SALVATION! wait. what are you doing? are you seriously spraying the machine, wiping it off, allthewhilestilltalkingtoyourcompanion????? YOU NEVER SWEAT. I should know, as I have been watching like a HAWK....waiting, waiting, waiting.....
so when she got off the thing, and was a safe distance away, i clambored aboard and punched quick start, incline twice, and then increased MPH to around 7.5. hey, I only had  about 10 minutes at this point, and i wanted to get in at least ONE MEASLY MILE!!!!

so yes. there it is.

first day of BEEEFCAAAAKE Cupcake Marathon. ONE MILE.

second day? NO MILES. had to run errand to post office, then to bank before they closed. This lead to many other things, which eventually found their way to Bryce falling asleep on my chest on the couch. Seems like a nearly perfect ending to me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

Took a little walk down the hill today and shot some pictures of ice around the big bridge that spans the White River, just north of White River Junction, Vermont. For you fellow nerds, it is 'roughly' here:
43.659256° N  72.340550° W
Sign on south side bridge landing.
Standing underneath north side. See that middle trestle? yowza!

In this picture, see that little half moon shape in the lower right? It is the top of the cement part of the trestle. For reference, it is just as high from the water as the next one that you can see. Note that the ice is only about 18" from the top of the cement. I was able to walk right up onto it. I can't wait for summer time, so that I can take another picture of it from the same spot. Amazing.

Here we are, standing on the above mentioned concrete, looking upstream. The ice has got to be 12-15 feet tall. River level is a little high today, but not by much.

Time to get a little creative and artsy. I love taking pictures of nature and structures, using available light and occasionally playing with shutter speeds and such. Here is what jumped into my lens today, with a little bit of finishing done. B/W, and then a soft focus on one of them. What do you think? Please "hit me up" in the comments! Thanks, and have a GREAT MONDAY!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Just the other day my wife was talking on the phone with someone, and they began to tell her all of the things that their family was going through:
surgery for the dad, possible CA diagnosis for one of the kids, headaches for mom, trouble with basketball for the other kid.
when she got off the phone, she had a strange look about her. i asked why, and she said something along the lines of 'here we are, stressing out over what to do about the $ we got from the insurance company, and these people are worried about surgeries, CA, and other 'real' problems. just doesn't seem fair.'
today is typically fun foto friday. i was looking forward to getting on the web and finding some obscure photo to post, and if i could make it poke fun at one of my fellow bloggers at the same time? WIN/WIN.
Then i started seeing tweets about the jishin (earthquake) and tsunami (tidal wave) in Nihon (Japan). One of my first thoughts was, 'I need more coffee.' Another, more pertinent one, was 'i hope our basement doesn't flood.' Yet another involved thoughts of not posting a picture for fun foto friday. But THEN i started thinking about perspective.
Just because someone is having a bad day, does that preclude YOU from having a GOOD day? I don't think that it should. Sure, it isn't ok to flaunt your greatness good fortune in front of others, but i think that it should be ok to share some good news with those less fortunate. It might just turn on that light at the end of the tunnel for them!
It is often easy to fall into a mindset of over-commiserating: you just make yourself feel just as miserable as someone else. I see this as LOSE/LOSE.
SO. in keeping with that.....
One of the tweets today said that Japanese officials found 2-300 bodies washed up on shore. Can you imagine? I can't. But I CAN imagine several people washING up on shore....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Head Spins (another non-running post)

(but you've come to expect that, right? maybe even accept it?)
My head has been spinning since, well, since I can remember. There's never 'nothing' going on in my head. That blank stare off into space? Yea. Inside the neurons are firing at breakneck speed. But you can't tell. Unless I let you. Sometimes when I let you, it isn't what you want to see, or expect to see. It just is what it is. Most of the time I can control what you see. Other times, I can't. I hate those times.
Most recently, though, the spinning has been as a side effect of a conversation (not a REAL conversation, but one via text message and email) with one of my besties. She's a cousin, and we were close while growing up (aging). Then we kinda drifted our own ways, then were brought back together by a 'significant life-changing event'.
At any rate, I am being cryptic here for a reason; i am not ready to discuss details. I apologize for this, but I need to start somewhere, and since this is my blog, I am starting here. (okokok. i started with my wife, AFTER about 24hours of self-inflicted isolation). I'm good at isolating. In fact, i excell at it. I think that this is one reason why i like to run alone, and why i like to run in the woods more than on the road or on a treadmill: "in space, no one can hear you scream." -aliens-
over the course of the next few days, or maybe week, i'll get to the crux of this and start going over some stuff. Please bear with me. Want to stop following along because it doesn't relate to running or physical fitness? meh. your choice. I call this blog "accountability" for a reason, rather than "gene's rants about running".
so be it.
We are at the tail end of a small ice storm here in East-Central Vermont. The sun is out today, and the inch and a half of ice on the trees is glistening in a way that cannot be described, only experienced. See you (I hope) soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Walk a mile....

A few weeks ago, counselormusings did a few posts about Cognitive Distortions. I think that's what they are called. Hang on....YEP! (i was paying attention!) There are two parts, here and here. I'll let you go read them, and then the follow up postings, too. Very well worth it, IF you are willing to take a look in the mirror. That step isn't always easy, that's for sure.
I recently did a post on being black or white, and struggling to find the gre/ay in my head. Since March is Nutrition Month, let's take a look at what I think is good food for your brain. (whatever. desperate attempt to tie things together here.)
Have you ever found yourself talking negatively to and about yourself? (me, either. let's just pretend, shall we?) Have you ever said things like, "there's no way i am going to pass that test tomorrow", or "that team is going to CRUSH us", or "there's no way i can go to the party and not eat too much" or "i'll never find anyone who's right for me"? Of course we have. If not those things, then similar negative thoughts.
Time to take a step away. An out of body experience, if you will. This one doesn't involve inhaling odd smoke or ingesting strange berries. Just read a little further.....
Let's pretend that you are still saying those hurtful things, but instead of saying them to yourself, you are saying them to your spouse, training partner, team mate, best friend, cat/dog/whatever. Would you? Walk a mile in your shoes, but as someone else. What if you were struggling with getting ready for a test/race/party/date and one of your besties said these things to YOU?
You wouldn't like it, would you.
Be honest.
So, if you wouldn't say them to someone who needed your help, and you wouldn't want to hear them from someone else, why say them to yourself?

Add caption
You deserve better.

Treat yourself better.
You will BECOME better.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

G-F Salsa

As an interlude, here's a quick recipe that covers 2 of the things that I love:
My Mom (she sent it to me) and Cilantro. Cilantro always seems to lend a certain 'freshness' as an ingredient, much the way thinly sliced fresh mint does...As for my Mom? Well, I seem to recall her once saying, "Don't get fresh with me, Mister!"

So here you have it, a simply copy and paste from a recent email:

"I thought your Blog Buddy lady that was looking for gluten-free recipes might like this. ... I am going to make it this week so I can let you know how it is... "

Roasted Yellow Tomato Salsa With Cilantro

By The Gluten Free Goddess
WebMD Recipe from

Picture of  Roasted Yellow Tomato SalsaIf you cannot find these tiny heirloom yellow tomatoes, any grape or cherry tomatoes will do. The roasting coaxes fresh tomato salsa from bright and acidic into complex, subtle and sweet. If you don't care for cilantro, try using basil instead, and serve this salsa as a bruschetta topping on toasted gluten-free bread rubbed with a clove of fresh garlic.


2 pints of yellow cherry or heirloom tomatoes, halved
1 small red onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
3/4 cup corn kernels
2 teaspoons dried or fresh cilantro
Sea salt
Olive oil
White balsamic vinegar


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.
In a roasting pan combine:
2 pints of yellow cherry or heirloom tomatoes, halved
1 small red onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
3/4 cup corn kernels
2 teaspoons dried cilantro
Sea salt
Drizzle with
Olive oil
White balsamic vinegar
Toss to coat. Roast in a preheated oven until the tomatoes are soft and sweet, about 25 to 30 minutes. I stirred the mix halfway through roasting. Cool before storing. Store covered in the fridge. Just before serving allow the salsa to come to room temperature. Garnish with fresh chopped cilantro.
Serve with Brown Rice Tortilla Chips, corn chips, or triangles of toasted gluten-free garlic bread.
Total Servings: 6