Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

Took a little walk down the hill today and shot some pictures of ice around the big bridge that spans the White River, just north of White River Junction, Vermont. For you fellow nerds, it is 'roughly' here:
43.659256° N  72.340550° W
Sign on south side bridge landing.
Standing underneath north side. See that middle trestle? yowza!

In this picture, see that little half moon shape in the lower right? It is the top of the cement part of the trestle. For reference, it is just as high from the water as the next one that you can see. Note that the ice is only about 18" from the top of the cement. I was able to walk right up onto it. I can't wait for summer time, so that I can take another picture of it from the same spot. Amazing.

Here we are, standing on the above mentioned concrete, looking upstream. The ice has got to be 12-15 feet tall. River level is a little high today, but not by much.

Time to get a little creative and artsy. I love taking pictures of nature and structures, using available light and occasionally playing with shutter speeds and such. Here is what jumped into my lens today, with a little bit of finishing done. B/W, and then a soft focus on one of them. What do you think? Please "hit me up" in the comments! Thanks, and have a GREAT MONDAY!


  1. I love b/w structural pics. Very well done!

  2. Looks great Gene! Excellent subjects.

  3. I'm with you, Gene. Nature and structures are my favorites kinds of pictures to gaze at. Thanks for sharing these pics! (and for the record, I also love to people-watch, which is NOT the same as stalking)