Tuesday, March 29, 2011

do it for the cheese, do it for the cheese...

(anyone get that obscure reference? hit me up in the comments if you do!)
i have just spent entirely TOO much time working on my blog while at work. yep. this isn't anything new, actually, but i am trying to get away FROM doing that, instead of getting away WITH doing that.
the post was actually getting pretty good, and i was ready to wrap it up and hit PUBLISH.
but when i checked it out in preview or whatever it is called....BOGUS! the pictures were in the wrong place, text was everywhere except where i wanted it. ugly, ugly, ugly.
So i have it saved, and will try again using LIVE WRITER at home tonight. Have you every tried Live Writer? Neil had a tutorial about it on his blog yesterday. Check it out here. Neil's a great guy, fun loving dad, supportive husband. Oh, and he's my 2nd favourite Canadian, eh? My Uncle Allen is number One. (sorry, Neil). He's also trying to sell his fabulous house. If you are looking to live in the Calgary area, check it out!

Alright. Back to work that pays the bills.


  1. I spend way to much time on my blog at work too - as well as other peoples blog (i.e. right now)but it all manages to get done :) I have an amazing talent of being able to minimize quickly :)

  2. Hm, not sure why but the title reminds me of the monty python cheese shop sketch - the cheesey commestibles line is my fave!! HAHA!! Anyway, I degree...lucky you both being able to access blogs type stuff at work - all blocked in my office booooo....

  3. I'll take 2nd fav Canadian! Thanks gene!