Friday, March 18, 2011

breakfast (aka funny photo friday)

A few weeks ago someone gave me a coupon for a free cuppa oatmeal from the golden boobs arches. I carried it around for a while, then one day, in desperation, I went to that 'place' on my way to work one day. I was really, really anticipating a bowl full of crap, to be honest. I mean, have you seen the way Subway advertises their subs? And have you ever bought one that was even remotely similar? Me, either. So my expectations were looooooow. My decision to try it may have been inspired by a news story from the night before. Or from just pure hunger.
All in the name of science.
So i ordered one of these:
Cute, innit? see all that cruchy fruit on top? I was getting pretty psyched as I waited in line, looking up at all of the delicious looking food-products. Imagine my surprise and dismay, then, when I got back out to the truck to discover this in my bowl:

That's right. Slop. It appears that they plopped all of the wholesome goodness right on top of the steaming hot oatmeal somewhere behind the couter. Given that I also stopped in the vestibule to look at tourist guides for the area (in which i have lived a total of around 30 years, so...why, again?), the little apple chunks and whatever else was in there began to cook. Yea. In hospital, we refer to this type of diet as a "mechanical soft diet". Yum.
Needless to say I was disappointed. My advice, if you are still willing to give the oatmeal a try, is to ask if they could NOT put the fruit on, and let you do it when you are ready to eat. Maybe that would help.
Today I stopped at the same place and had one of their $3 specials: TWO bacon, egg, cheese sammiches on a biscuit. Lemme just say here that you can save a TON of money on special cleansing diets by ordering this breakfast instead. I don't suggest that you eat it at work, unless you have your own bathroom in your office, or if it is like right across the hall. 

Have a smooooth afternoon!!!


  1. Yuck. Stay away from the house of McPickelshitters.

  2. LMFAO!!!!!!

    Yeah I don't eat fast food period, well except TB cinnamon twists because for whatever reason, I've been loving those lately.

    Hope your tummy is feeling better! Yikes!