Wednesday, March 16, 2011


umm. what? how did THAT get up there? it was supposed to say:
"my happy results thus far for the Cupcake Marathon"
must be something amiss with my keyboard. stupid Dell. at any rate, here is what happened to me on Monday when I tried to log some miles....
It was beautiful and sunny out, and I was VERY tempted to run on the roads. I had even brought my Brooks running jacket, as the temps were only in the low 40's. After a brief walk outside, though, I decided that it would be safer if I ran on the dreadmill. Egdes of the roads are still slick, muddy, and narrow. Plus the dust blowing around would be horrible to breathe. So i just went to our 'gym'.
The 2 treadmills were in use by people I have never seen in there before. Ever. Huzzah! for them, though, because they looked to be enjoying themselves as they walked along, watching the Food Network. Don't get me wrong, I love me some (eye) candy every now and then (Giada!), but not while I am huffing and puffing on the 'mill. Gimme some "American Pickers" or "Hoarders" instead. But I digress. (focus, focus!)
So I hopped on the 3-Dimensional Torture Device  elliptical, punched a few buttons (cardio, level 10/16, 20 mins) and tuned in to the latest podcast by Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone. Good times! Letmetellyounow,misterman, that 3DTD (see above) kicked my butt for 20 minutes while those two nice ladies strolled along at 3mph. Not that there is anything wrong with 3mph. Heck, that's pretty much what i averaged on the 3DTD; it took me 20 mins to go 1.2 miles. I imagined that the ladies would be done at 30 minutes. Nope. That time passed while I was still on the 3DTD, praying for one of them to get off so that i could just RUN!
Since it didn't happen, I got onto the stationary, recumbant bike. You know, the one that is supposed to be more ergo-whatever? Yea. Apparently this one wasn't made by AFLAC. Comfortable? Not exactly. Friendly? Not exactly. Fun? no.
So i spent 3 miles cranking away on that thing. Hurrah! it didn't take me long, but the ladies were still on the mills! I totally understand the need to get your burn on and all that, but when there are people waiting (3 more people had come in), and you are walking directly under a sign that says, "30 minute time limit".... c'mon, now....
FINALLY, when there were only 15 minutes left in my 'window of opportunity', one of them stepped off. YAY! SALVATION! wait. what are you doing? are you seriously spraying the machine, wiping it off, allthewhilestilltalkingtoyourcompanion????? YOU NEVER SWEAT. I should know, as I have been watching like a HAWK....waiting, waiting, waiting.....
so when she got off the thing, and was a safe distance away, i clambored aboard and punched quick start, incline twice, and then increased MPH to around 7.5. hey, I only had  about 10 minutes at this point, and i wanted to get in at least ONE MEASLY MILE!!!!

so yes. there it is.

first day of BEEEFCAAAAKE Cupcake Marathon. ONE MILE.

second day? NO MILES. had to run errand to post office, then to bank before they closed. This lead to many other things, which eventually found their way to Bryce falling asleep on my chest on the couch. Seems like a nearly perfect ending to me.

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