Wednesday, August 19, 2009

off to the Wallows

have been having a bit of a tough time running/riding lately. my desire to get out there and 'just do it' has been CLASHING with my guilty feelings of being able to indulge in the activities that i enjoy while T seemingly doesn't get to do the things that SHE enjoys. In my mind, she deserves to do them MUCH more than I do, and since it seems to me that she isn't doing them, why the heck should I be 'allowed' to?
As I write it, especially after our conversation last night, it does sound a bit re-DONK-u-lous, so i should just stop wallowing (M, are you reading this?? lol..) and get out there and run. and ride. mostly run, though, at least for the next week. i should do at least 10k per day, with ONE long day where i get close to 13.1 miles. maybe 10 miles.
after the CHaD, it will be balls to the wall for the pinnacle challenge. why not? i gotta get out and buy some smoother tires. saw some at k-mart last night for 14.99 each. will check online today to see if i can get a better deal on some better tires. you would think i could, right?
i sent Babci on a mission to find a silk screening place in Plattz. I hope that she finds a good one!
ok, enough for now. i will be running tonight while Z is at practice. mebbe the middle leg of CHaD, or the first and last loops. too early to tell.
peace, YO!

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