Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sitting on the couch today....

making sure to wiggle around a bit so that my butt doesn't become a permanent part of the furniture, and Tracey said something like, "the weather is nice, but the wind seems to be picking up a bit." So i replied something witty like, "not as windy as I was that time I ate those refried beans....."  "yep."
**some back ground info here. my wife is married to the best conversationalist this side of the Pecos River. I can, and often WILL, talk intelligently with people from all walks of life. and i am incredibly insightful as well. oh, wait a sec. that's not me. that's Patrick Jane. now where was I??? right.
then i said something about not wanting to run in the wind, to which she replied, "i am sure with all that gear you have, you won't even notice the wind."
of course, she is right. but it wasn't the gear that concerned me. it is my amazing ability to run like i am towing a parachute, even in the slightest breeze. add actual WIND to that, and, well, it looks like a scene from a Winnie-the-Pooh story.  except there is no smile on my face. We had the conversation at around 1230, as we were settling in to watch The Young and the Restless. don't judge, lest ye be judged..... I said that I would go running at 1, but didn't actually get out the door until closer to 115. What can i say.... I was really hoping to find out more about the whole Sharon/Ashely/Adam thing. whew. I pried myself away, and drove to a small parking lot less than a mile from the house. i had a 10k loop in mind, and didn't think that i would be able to make it back up the hill to the house after i ran.....
and that proved to be a good idea. i mean, i supposed i could have made it, but would have taken longer than the hour that i intended to be gone. all things being things, the run was a good one. started out headed into the wind and going uphill. that wasn't fun. and then the BIG, steeep hill came. it is almost a quarter mile long. they all seem to be that way lately. this one might be a good candidate for a hill workout hill.
ended up with 6.2 miles in 53:22.

i am finishing this post at work on Saturday. my back is to the window, which is tough for me (Doc Holiday syndrome), but i have to do it because it is so BEAUTIFUL outside, and I am here until 4pm. but THEN i will be outside, shooting hoops with the Fam. i think we'll go to Dothan Brook School.

this weekend, try to get OUTSIDE!~

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