Tuesday, December 7, 2010


!!!totally non running related PSA and call for support!!!!

Tomorrow, 8 DEC 2010, 2 NH soldiers that are part of the VT Army National Guard will be arriving at the LEB airport. They will be arriving on a private, chartered plane between 1240 and 1pm. The name of the airline is Air Compassion for Veterans. I am unsure if the flight will be arriving at the main terminal or at the private terminal.

Here is who they are: the two soldiers are both Medics. They are married, and live in southern New Hampshire. They had been deployed with the VT Guard until an IED exploded while he was on a mission. The IED left him with both legs amputated above the knee and some pretty severe traumatic brain injury. He has been at Walter Reed Medical Center in rehabilitation for several months, accompanied by his wife and other family members.

This week, the bulk of the soldiers that they served with overseas will be coming home to VT. Several service organizations and generous individuals have donated money and services so that these two soldiers could come home and welcome their fellow soldiers back.

I tell you this for one reason: please join me and a Color Guard from the local VFW and other Veterans Service Organizations at the airport tomorrow to welcome these soldiers home. It would be a tragic embarrassment if they were to get off that plane to be greeted only by windy snow drifts.

I hope to see you there. Be well, and God Bless.


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