Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#fitblog answers

I didn't attend #fitblog chat on Twitter last night. Instead, i cuddled with my sweety and watched some tv. it was a chilly evening, and it was time very well spent!
Here, though, are my answers to the questions that were posed. Nothing earthshattering here, but I wanted to post it and try to get some feedback. The topic was "Food is Fuel - How do you Fill Up?"

Q1) Does when you exercise or how much you exercise impact what you eat? How?
On days that I plan to exercise, I try to plan my meals/snacks around the time i have set aside. I find that this helps with digestion, comfort, and energy levels. As for amounts of food, increasing the amount typically depends on how far i plan to run.
Q2) What do you eat before you work out?
 I typically eat some yogurt with granola about a half an hour before i work out. I used to eat a bagel with PB, but that just sat too heavily in my stomach, and it made me 'tired' of running too soon. For longer runs, or when i have eaten not so well, i'll pop a loperimide (Immodium) just for added 'insurance'. And i drink drink drink. Lately I have been triallling Generation UCAN's products, and will review them by the end of the week.
Q3) What do you eat after a work out?
After a workout I try to eat a buncha protein. Sometimes this is in the form of picking at meat leftovers in the fridge, or if i can't get home right away I will eat a Clif Builder's bar (20g of protein). If it was a short run, i might just eat half.
Q4) Do you eat more indulgently if you have exercised or plan to? What's your treat meal?
I don't usually eat indulgently. That said, last weekend I ate an entire large pizza by myself. It was a free one that we got because the pizza place goofed. YAY!..... My treat meal is usually something that involves seafood, but only while dining out. noone else in my family likes it, so i won't cook it at home. we only go out to places that offer real seafood once every other month or so, and that's when i'll eat those kinds of foods.

I am looking forward to tonight's #SFCFIT chat, where @mizfitonline will talk about Vision Boards. Interesting topic, to be sure. If you are on Twitter, follow the hashtag #SFCFIT at 730 CST this evening!

Be well,

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