Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Generation UCAN product review

Some time ago I recieved a package from GenerationUCAN. I won it  by being one of the first 200 callers people to reply to a tweet that they sent out. Yes, while I am at work i am often camped out on Twitter. I have a dual monitor system, which is a pretty sweet set-up. ANYWAY....
Their product makes this claim:
"While traditionally fast acting carbs have been denounced by many nutritionists, SuperStarch has been deemed revolutionary because of its unique time release characteristics. Protein advocates like Dr. Jeff Volek have called it an innovation."
What does that mean? I dunno either. Luckily, their page is VERY comprehensive, and it goes on to say that amazing things like poo-flinging monkeys from Panama were involved (but not harmed) in the discovery of this product. Seriously. (OK, FINE. NOT seriously. please don't sue me. you can't get blood from a stone.)
The idea for this product came about because of a special dietary need for one of the founders' kids. See their website for the grand details, test results, industry input, acclaim, and of course...
There are so many flavors to choose from, your best bet is to get at least one of each packet. My favourites are the Lemonade and Vanilla. I actually find that the lemonade, when combined with plain yogurt, is AWESOME. I mixed vanilla and chocolate (not together) with both soy and rice milk (again, NOT together), and they dissolved very well. NO gritty feeling, no chalky textures. Just pure goodness.

While on their site, i recommend that you pick up one of their blender bottles. A what? yep. this is a FABULOUS idea. I don't know if it is their idea, but i haven't seen it anywhere else, so.....I'll give them credit. The bottle is nothing special, but you place this little whisk-ball inside when you shake the b'Jeezum out of it. Definitely helps with the mixing process.

Seen here is the contents of the box of goodies that I received. The shirt is great. I wore it to every basketball game i went to this winter. Now, of course, I just have to flippin' get off my ar$e, pick one, and DO IT.
As their slogan says, UCAN!

I should probably include here that I did, in fact, feel great during the runs I took after using the GenUCAN products. NO upset stomach (which is one of their big claims, so WIN!), no crash (another claim-->WIN). The energy didn't seem artificial, didn't induce a fuzzy buzz, like some products have (5 hour engergy, anyone? no, thanks.)
We met with and talked to some of their people at the Boston Marathon Expo, and they were very open, receptive, and personable. I enjoyed chatting with them! Hit up their website, check out their product line, hit them up if you see them at an expo!


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  1. Excuse me, but my husband also has a dual monitor system. You know what this makes me laugh, right? ;)

    Sooo... the product sounds interesting. I'll read up on it some more.