Thursday, May 20, 2010

50 minute run

my official marathon training schedule doesn't begin until 6JUN10, so i am just going to repeat the first week's workout until then. i got this idea from another blogger, and i apologize for not remembering who that was. when i figure it out, i will give due credit.
today's schedule was a 50 minute run. i didn't really feel like spending 50 minutes pounding pavement during rush hour, so i headed for the woods. I had a great time. Came across a reservoir in the middle of no where (or so i thought), which was pretty cool, and then after i had climbed about half way up a hill i heard a sound behind me. I stopped running, hoping to see a bear or moose (I'd just left the "moose brook trail") or even a deer. Did I? Nope. It was a mtbiker! he was struggling to get up the hill, so i cheered him on. once he reached me, we chatted about the trails and such, and he reassured me that i was on my way back in the right direction. Here is an elevation profile of the run. oh, yea. hills. and yes, i walked a little bit. but not much. honestly!

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