Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some things about Gene

In the tradition of other 100 post milestones, here are 100 some 62 (see? METRIC 100) things about me. In no specific order/grouping/importance. I started this list when I was at post 77......

1. I have a LOT of pet peeves. To help me get to the end of this list, I will use them. They will be preceded by "PP".
2. PP  when people use "quotes" when they really should use "quotations", as in: "Here is a list of my favorite quotes". Quotes is a VERB, people. Quotations is the NOUN. And yes, you can quote me on that.
3. PP when people say, "I could care less" when they really mean "I couldN'T care less". Big difference.
4. I grew up in a very rural town in Vermont. To hear me speak, you would never know it.
5. I have lived in 5 states.
6. I am lucky to be married to my Best Friend.
7. Seven is not my lucky number.
8. She and I were high school sweethearts.
9. She found me after 18 years of being apart.
10. That was one of the best emails I have ever opened.
11. I am named after my paternal grandfather, though he, my Dad, and I share the same first name.
12. I am stumped already.
13. This is my lucky number.
14. Sarcasm is one of my BFF's.
15. I have never been tagged by the typical blogger games of tag. :(
16. I want to play!
17. While in high school, I was vice president of our chapter of the National Honor Society.
18. I failed off of it 3rd. quarter of my senior year.
19. Tracey (my wife!) tutored me, and I was able to graduate.
20. My high school English teacher hated me for reasons i won't mention. Sorry.
21. When i was growing up, we raised goats, bees, pigs, chickens.
22. Try feeding a toasted marshmallow to a group of chickens. just sayin'.
23. My Mom is a twin. Or half a twin. Can you be a twin by yourself?
24. I am plagued by the following question: If our knees bent the other way, like the ostrich, what would chairs look like?
25. I am a father, and a step-father. I don't like to distinguish the two, but there they are.
26. The year before i turned 25 was one of the toughest years for me.
27. I got over it.
28. My family has a t-shirt tradition when you turn 40. You have to take your picture wearing a shirt that says "40 isn't old if you are a tree." the shirt has been passed around for the last 26 years.
29. I truely feel that running is an excellent form of therapy for me.
30. Getting shots and IV's don't bother me at all. I have often thought about getting one inserted before a race, just in case.....
31. One of the first things I do when i get to work is to scan my blog roll for good reading matieral. i have yet to be let down.
32. one of my guilty internet pleasures is verydemotivational.com .
33. I don't eat cake.
34. I love brownies. But not the edge pieces. Z prefers them, so it works out....
35. I prefer ice cream cake to cake (sing it with me...Ice cream and cake and cake...)
36. You could say that I am a fair weather runner. I am trying to get better about this.
37. I have been working on this for about a month, and am only at 37.
38. I wish that I had a closer relationship with our two olders.
39. I will work on that this Spring/Summer
40. whew. 40. really? squirrel! stupid Lunesta moth just caught my eye.
41. I had better get cranking on this list. I just posted #90, and I have 2 more bouncing around my head.
42. did 41 really count?
43. I don't think that I can come up with 100 things. I am shortening the list to 50.
44. I miss my family terribly when I am working the night shift.
(yikes. 92 posts in the books. better get crackin')
45.  i am very interested in nutrition, both for athletes and for hospitalized patients.
46. my Mom's twin sister suffered a severe stroke during an angiogram. the night before this happened, I spoke with her on the phone. almost a year and a half after that, i heard her voice on the phone for the first time. i cried. deeply.
47. though i like to think that i am a glass half full kind of guy, many people would argue the opposite. i need to work on this. perception is too often reality.
48. "i" broke one of my sister's teeth when she walked into a can of tomatoes that i was holding. Her version of the story is a bit different. we still laugh about it.
49. my eyes welled with tears several times while watching runners and participants finishing the Boston Marathon this year.
50. I am glad that I brought my sunglasses.
51. though i find my musical tastes to be eclectic, many might find them downright ODD. i can sing along with some show tunes, C/W, rap, 50's-'10's, and even some Classical pieces. bring it.
52. it drives me nuts when people bite their nails/fingers, pick their thumbs, or somesuch. just. stop. please. thanks.
53. one of my least favourite things is smoking. one of my most favourite people smokes. yin/yang, there you have it.
54. i reallllly wish she would stop.
55. i don't understand addictive behaviour. i just don't get it.
56. my favourite movie of all time is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I can pretty much recite it for you. In college, we used to play a drinking game where if you got caught speaking a line, you had to drink. They say I had a good time playing.
57. i almost always spell neighbour, favour, harbour, etc. with the British 'u'. Spellcheck hates it.
58. there was a time, when i was in the National Guard, that I would chew Red Man if I was wearing 'green'. That lasted about 2 years. File under, "what was i thinking?"
59. i haven't had any candy since Halloween '08. (choc chips in ice cream don't count). i don't miss it a bit. i don't even chew gum. (but i miss that).
60. i keep talking about running my first marathon this fall. i have yet to actually sign up for the danged thing.
61. my name is Gene, and I think Windows 7 is a joke.
62. i hope that i haven't scared anyone with this list. i don't open up well, but this was a 'fun' exercise.


  1. i am curious. which part made you want to hide???

  2. My "100 things" post got tossed out when I couldn't get past #16. Way to make it to 62! And it was great to learn (most of) these things about you.