Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1) i am thankful that my wife is so patient with kids. it amazes me.
2) i am thankful that today is Thursday. I start a string of night shifts tonight at 2330. i think that i am on nights until next tuesday. i have been dreading this part of my schedule for almost 3 weeks, but now that it is here, i am ready. i just hope that i don't become such a PITA that my family asks me to move to Mongolia.
3) i am thankful for the nice weather that we have today. it means that i can be outside working on 'stuff' and projects and 'getting things done' (which, by the by, only leads to MORE things that need to get done). but that's ok. at least I am not stuck indoors.

so folks, tomorrow is ride/run/walk/bus/carpool to work day. if your town is having some sort of event to raise interest in this, stop on by and thank them for their efforts. i'll be either running or riding my bike, and will be stopping by the Hartford, VT town offices on my way home. i hope they have some socks left!

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