Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You can call me......

Seve. Or probably not. Either way, in spite of the weather (yes, 'in spite of'...not despite), several hundred friends and relatives of "Colby" got together in Randolph, VT this past Saturday to play a round of golf. The Montague Golf Course is the second oldest course in Vermont. Quite picturesque, actually.
It was pouring rain at 830 while we were all standing around in the club house deliberating actually playing or just opening up the 19th hole a littler early. I don't drink, and since i was passing up a race that i would have done in the rain, i figured, HECK YA, i'll golf in the rain. I didn't bring my wet weather gear, dry socks, and GARMIN for nada.....
We collectively decided to give it a go, picked out carts (don't judge me!), and headed to load our bags onto the carts. In racing vernacular, the start corral looked like this:
I've never used a cart for golfing before, and was instantly intrigued by this bottle thing that was attached to each cart, right behind the heads of the golfers. "How flipping conVEEEnient", i said. Zach, our 12 yo (above, in red coat), asked what I was talking about. I said, "these little urinals are awesome! we need to get some for the truck, no?"
(cue face palm). Zach was like, "man, i am GLAD i am not your partner! those have seed or sand or something in them. if you make a divot, you dump some of this stuff on the spot before moving along." so i said, "you could do the same thing, even if it WAS a urinal!" (cue second face palm). "nope. i feel bad for Uncle Ray. I hear you're paired with him...." and off he went. who knew? sounded like a good idea.
Off we went, starting at the 3rd hole. Poured. got soaked even sitting in the cart. didn't care. at. all.
had some good shots, had some bad shots. didn't embarrass myself, didn't hurt anyone, and managed to have a good time. one of the things about golf that bugs me is the time wasted wondering if the ball you just found is  really yours, or just some random ball left there by someone too lazy to look, or whatevs. Since i am so clever, i eliminated that from my realm of possibilities. i drew a face on each of the 5 balls that i had alloted myself (i returned with the same 5 balls.....). Now i didn't have to remember if i was using a titleist 7000, a nike some such, or a Nimbus 2000. Just had to find a face. Notice the cleverly placed blade of grass? 
Mother Nature has a sense of humor about golf, too. No wonder we get along so well!                                        "Colby" is  a great long ball hitter (whatever the hell that means. it is just fun to say. like fartlek. :D He did well to get us off the tee, we pretty much shared the middle of the fairway, and then Ray brought us home on the green. Below is "Colby" smaking the ball. I am mostly impressed with my timing on the cell phone camera. I think I'll submit this one to Sports Illustrated. HA.

I leave you with a parting shot, looking off toward the 10th green from the 10th teebox. See the outline of the green (the 'fringe')? 3 of us (including yours truly) landed just shy of the fringe. Pretty slick. Like I said, all in all it was a great day. Time spent with family that i don't get to see very often, spending that time outside, melding with the elements. Ah... A good way to spend a Saturday.


  1. Love it! Especially the urinal part. I knew it would be good!

  2. LOL about the urinal. Awesome! Rain schmrain as I always say. Who's afraid to get wet anyway?