Thursday, May 6, 2010

George Orwell.......

when i got to work tonight (330 this morning), i expected to hop online and read some blogs as i usually do while my patient slept. imagine my surprise when i tried to go to the page and was BLOCKED. here is the text that appears.....

"To view sites in this category you must use quota time. You have 60 minute(s) of quota time remaining. Click the Use Quota Time button to start a 10 minute session for viewing this site and other sites in quota-limited categories."

to which i reply.....WHAT? here's the email (minus the screen shot) that I sent to a few folks earlier this morning:
Big Brother won’t let me go to some blog sites (mine, below, is blocked. Many others that I read are, too. This one,, oddly, is NOT).

Big Brother will, however, let me go to facebook, twitter,, and (which is a FRONT for I checked into some Registered Dieticians’ sites that I follow, too, and they, too are blocked. But I CAN go to (check it out. They have a SWEEEET looking rifle up for auction on their home page!). Can’t go to, but CAN go to (at least SOMEONE in the computer department has good taste in beer).
So, yeh. is allowed. so is and some others. is ok, but not I really don't understand the logic that was used to grant/deny permissions.
I had planned an apologetic blog post for today, but have been delayed. It might be 'disguised' as part of my Three Things Thursday.

peace out, geno.

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  1. Madness - complete madness. I have not seen a decent web filter software package yet.