Friday, May 28, 2010

crackdown city

Crackdown city…..

I work for the Feds (as a nurse in a VA hospital…..), and recently there has been a blockade of some websites. No rhyme or reason, it seems, so I am a bit confused. Maybe I blogged about this already. I can’t go online and check, so bear with me if this is a repeat post, k? Thanks.

I can’t get to my blog, but I CAN get to “I am boring” and “endurance isn’t only physical” and “tall mom” and some others, but not MINE, which means I can only

post from email (like this one), and it comes out very discombobulated (yes, I can get to that one. AND red’s) and I can’t include links or pictures or anything other than just plain ‘ol text.

So here I am. That’s my story so far. Here’s what’s coming down the pike (or pipe, depending on where you are from)….

This weekend will be a good trip to Lake Placid, NY (not the one in FL with pet gators). Pop quiz….what is the name of the lake in downtown Lake Placid, NY? We are going to see a production having to do with Curious George. Should be a good time. My ulterior motive is to be able to do 3 or so laps around the lake Sunday morning before everyone else wakes up. 3-ish mile loop.

When I was in high school, I spent a week in Lake Placid (twice) at an Olympic Development Camp for Biathlon. Good times. Ran, ran, ran, roller skied, roller skied, shot, shot, shot, ran some more. Good times. There always seemed to be a strong positive energy vibe in LP. It will be interesting to see if I can still sense it. I’ll let you know.

First race of the season next weekend. Half Marathon. Am I ready? Not.At.All. But that’s half the fun, right? Have a good weekend!


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