Sunday, April 17, 2011


After much internal and some external deliberation, I am bringing my wife and youngest son to Boston this morning.We are going to the Expo for the Boston Marathon. I hope i don’t pee myself with excitement. At this point, it is a real possibility.I have never been to a race that had an expo. I guess, and pardon me for using the football in this analogy, it is like never having been to anything more than a Pop Warner football game, then going to the Super Bowl. I have no idea what we are in for, except that i am prepared to be amazed, hooked, and over-stimulated.yep, for sure.

Looking forward to meeting up with the folks from Arctic Ease (@arcticease), who i really enjoy. We’ve been actively communicating on Twitter, which is fantastic. Little ‘ol me, chatting it up with the CEO and all that. A very personable company with a great product and great customer service. Love it!

We’ll also be dropping by Nuun, Gu, Adidas, Brooks, Fila (?)…i dunno. i’m just listing off a buncha folks who i hope will be there! hahahaha….like a little kid creating his Christmas list (no red-rider bb gun, so no worries. go ahead, i dare you to lick that pole!) anywhoo….

I am certain to be tweeting and sending out pics. I’ll also likely post tonight about the experience, unless i wet myself. Tomorrow it will be up and out the door by 0500 so that I can get a great spot near the finish line like i had last year. This year, though, doesn’t look like it will be as warm or dry….but that’s ok. I won’t be in a singlet….

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  1. Kinda jealous. I think i'll be attending the twin cities marathon this year just to see the people finish.

    as for expo's I love the hockey expo here in st. paul during the state high school hockey tourney. It's insanity, and lots of cool free stuff.

    have fun man