Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You can poke them with a stick!

Yes, this was the first time that I  have met up with tweeps. I kinda tried last year at THE marathon, when Red was in town with Spike, but i saw a squirrel i was kinda doing my own thing (surprise) and didn't get to meet up. Maybe this year......
But this evening, I met Kris from (@krisgetshealthy) and James from (@jpnagan. It was very cool. Here's how it evolved:
I learned of an opportunity to go to Minneapolis (Bloomington), MN for work related training. So i hit them up on twitter, wondering if they knew where i was going to be, and if it was anywhere near them. Kris was like, ummm..YEA! of COURSE i know where that is, and JP was all....oh yea, i know that area! (turns out that the venue (hotel) is 1 mile away from the Mall of America. Cool.
Then i was denied my application to go.
So then we called the meet-up off.
Then i lobbied my boss to let me go.
And the meet-up was back on.
Thennn we had to pick a date and time, which we did. then they asked me where i wanted to go and i said, "anywhere that servers pitchers of Quervo Gold Margaritas" "i'll eat just about anything, so you pick." we decided on the economical and convenient Chevy's that is behind the MOA. JP brought his wee one with him, as his wife was finalizing a hostile takeover of some huge corporation. Seriously.
Oh. wait. so i'm here at the conference, and people are being nosy asking about each other's plans, and i told them that i was meeting with people who i only knew from twitter and they said that it sounded dangerous but i had no fear since they seemed really nice and genuine and such.....
and i was right!
Kris picked me up a the hotel and we headed over to Chevy's. On the way we talked about her plans and progress along her C25K journey; that girl has it figured out! She's getting a bit...well, head to her blog to hear her story, but lemme just say that she is, IMHO, on the right path, and also has the right attitude for success.
JP and wee one showed up, and we went inside. Food was good, conversation was great, wee one lost a small piece of lego. Seeing James and wee one interact reminded me A LOT of Bryce and I; it was heartwarming to see. JP had an impromptu photo shoot while at the gym today. Head over to his blog to check it out. This man is driven, determined, and actively working toward his fitness goals, all while keeping his priorities at home in line (IMHO).
Wee one was getting a bit antsy, but still holding it together pretty well. we decided to head out while he was still good, and i was even able to get him to take this picture of us, rather than poke them with a stick....maybe next time.....
Thank you, Kris and James for taking the time to get together! Very cool.....


  1. I had such a great time! I hope you make a return visit to Minnesota and get to actually see the state a bit. Enjoy your workshop/training tomorrow and have a safe journey back home!
    *whispers* They do Exist!

  2. Caution: When poked with a stick, I giggle like the pillsbury dough boy.

    Good times man. I enjoy meeting genuinely great people, and you sir fit the mold. Now I'm still deciding what was better, the picture, or D's victory lap after taking it?

    Enjoy the last day, and travel safe.

  3. Wished I could have made it! Sounds like fun!

  4. Mmmmmm, Cuervo. I've yet to meet someone who didn't read my blog before finding me on twitter. Need to do that soon! (do you fit into that category? want to come to AZ?)

  5. So very cool! We have done two tweet -ups so far (w/@erinmargolin & @lovingthebike) and have one scheduled for Monday w/@donna_d. So far everyone has been the exact wonderfulness IRL that they were on line.

    Yay, y'all :)