Monday, April 25, 2011

Nearly Famous…..

Just a week later, and I am still talking to people about the Boston Marathon. Imagine if I actually participated in the darn thing! As it was, Tracey, B, and I attended the expo together and I went to the race solo. Met up with some other bloggers and online pals, had a blast, took a buncha pictures, and got on TV about a gazillion times.


Here's how it happened:

we were standing between  Trader Joes and some bar. Riz, i think? I dunno bars. Anyway, we were all having a good time when the wheel-chairs went zooming by. The dramatic pass by the Japanese athlete Soejima happened right in front of us. It was a blurr of men, muscle, and machinery that got us even more pumped up.

Here's the picture that I took:

I am sure that most of you saw this on TV, from the perspective of the camera on the motorcycle. See it? I've circled it in this photo....

w_c_paint_cropSee it? yep. SO….if I captured IT, that means….logically…it weighs the same as a duck  IT captured US. Allow me to submit exhibit B:

view_mineEven though the camera is obscured, it is clearly the same video delivery system in the other picture. (how they ride backward like that without HURLING all over the place is beyond me). In exhibit C (below), take from the TV coverage, I have indicated our relative place in the crowd. We were right up against the barriers, so there should be no mistaking us. We are clearly distinguishable among the throngs….right? I placed a yellow arrow in our general location. See???

view_tvHow could you NOT recognize us! Of course, that black blob is my backpack, and we are all to the right of it. I couldn’t get the still shot right, but suffice to say that our entire crew was ON TV!!!!!

well, when I was thinking up this post in my head, it was hella funnier. seeing it now, though, it feels like a dud. well, you’ll have that, right?

thanks for enduring with me!

be well,



  1. Glad that they merely caught you on TV and didn't turn you into a newt or anything. ;) Pretty cool!

  2. I would have written the exact same post if it happened to me! You ARE famous...

  3. We're totally famous! LOL! :) Awww last week was so much fun, I wish I could rewind and replay it again!

  4. WOW - in print AND on T.V....both in the same week?!?! I think I'm changing my status to..."I'm related to a famous person." just saying. ;) love ya! lol