Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (kinda, not really)

OKOKOK. it is ALL words. and a few numbers. and part of a picture. but SEEEE?????
At the bottom? Yep.
Me. (camera angle slightly obscures the spelling error in my last name, but i can assure you that it is me!)
Twice famous.
I'm gonna have to talk to the folks at Headsweats....
where is this? Let's say.....
Runner's World UK! (because it would be true).
Big thank you to Cathy for shipping ('literally') this over to me, and to Julia Buckley, author of the article. And of course to Tracey (no online references available...not even @twitter...ahem!....) for putting up with me shoving the magazine in her face yesterday while she was trying to deal with kids and parents and cats and all those other things.
I love her.




  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!! Congrats Gene! You are so famous! I should have had you autograph something for me in Beantown! LOL!

  2. That is so BIG TIME! I'm super duper jealous! That rocks! If I were you, I'd be shoving a copy in to the hands of every single person I knew! :) Ha!

  3. Congrats!!
    Aren't these called...kegles?? haha, it's what women do to help them you know...