Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 What am I thankful for today? No surprise, I am thankful for my wife, my best friend, my soulmate. Some of you know her as Tracey, some of you know her as "anonymous". She is my lighthouse, my rudder, my raison d'etre.
I am ALSO thankful for you, my readers. I was very....hesitant to publish my last post. Since then, however, I am very happy that I did it. I have received many comments, and it received more hits than any of my other posts. And it was just about me. I find that odd, but hey! s'all good.
There were many good, thoughtful comments. I even received some emails on the topic. I am humbled, honoured, and thankful for your words of support and encouragement.

That's about it for today.
Oh, wait.
Next week i'll be in Bloomington, MN, for 3 days of training. I'll be attending courses to earn myself the titles of "Wellness Coach" and "Smoking Cessation Counsellor" for our hospital. I am pretty excited about this 'collateral duty'. I was very interested, and applied, but was denied by my supervisor. Lemme tell ya, I was wikkid bummin' that day. In true Tracey/anonymous style, though, she encouraged me to persue it. "if you really want this, which it seems you do, you have to GO AFTER IT."
So I did.
And i convinced my boss that I was the right person (the ONLY) person who we should send to this training. She (Tracey) rocks.
So I am going. There are a bunch of us (perhaps 100?), and I sent out an email to the group, suggesting that we convene sometime Monday afternoon/evening for a walk/jog/run to help loosen up our legs after having sat in airplanes all day. Within 10 minutes I had a dozen or more replies, all wanting to join in! How cool is that? Very.
I won't have computer access while i am away, but i will have my phone, which means i will be tweeting....

AND....Boston is just over a week away!!! woot! I asked Tracey if mebbe we could go to the expo on Sunday....hopefully see the peeps from @ArcticEase and Arctic Ease. That'd be awesome. AND the folks from @GenUCAN and GenerationUCAN. Ok, enough name dropping for today.

Have fun, be well....thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Wow, such an honest post below!! I just took a look and boy are we similar. I think many people have those issues though, to be honest. Especially the sudden anxiety/depression one...I think it's more common than we think. Any type of "change" can through me for a loop.
    Regarding the socializing, I am the same way, I hate small talk and I'm bad at it. Unlike you though, I'm better socializing in person than on social media. that might sound strange since I hate small talk, but my favorite thing is socializing over a a nice happy hour brew! With a close friend, of course.