Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is it Monday again? Already?

Sooo…hello. Here’s how the conversation unfolded…

Ring, Ring…
Gene (g): Hello, this is Gene.
Kevin (k): Hi, Gene. Kevin here from the Chief of Staff’s office. I just wanted to touch base to make sure that you got my email about the CEB meeting tomorrow. We anticipate that you will be presenting progress and new items for the BCE/BCMA Multidisciplinary Team. Typically some other schmuck  some other schmuck gave the presentation, but he retired..
[G: *crickets, accompanied by the sound of my heart pounding…
K: Hello? Are you still there?]
Snaps back to reality, scrolls through the 150 emails from yesterday......
G: I don’t see that email, but I’ll look into it.
K: thanks, I can resend it if you like, that way you don’t have to search through a week’s worth of emails.
G: that would be great, thanks!
K: no problem. Let me know if we should defer to May, ok?
G: I sure will. Thanks again
K: ok. [click]
G: *thud, as head drops down onto up-side-down metal book case used as my standing desk* *sounds of disconnected phone line echo through the office*
Chris (office mate): Gene? Gene? Are you alright?
G: get those defibrillator pads away from me! I’m not dead…yet.

So i have to get to work on some charts, pretty bar graphs, and TPS reports. I love how numbers can be skewed presented in such a way that you can tell your story any way your boss wants to see it. Yay, numbers!

In other news, I have pictures from spectating in Boston on Marathon Monday, and might get my act together in the next few days to post the better ones the mean time:

Peace, yo! (but don't touch my stapler!)


  1. Oooh sounds like you are terribly important - Cheif of staffs office - woweee!

  2. we are going to need a coversheet on that report.

  3. "I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven..." I love that movie. Hope everything went ok!