Monday, September 12, 2011

Arctic Ease new REVIEW!!!!!

To those of you who follow me on twitter or even here on my blog, it should be no secret that I am a HUGE fan of a revolutionary product called ArcticEase. Their tag line, "Bag the ice...ease the pain" is very descriptive. We've all been there-done-that with bags of frozen peas, corn (though not frozen corn on the cob...just sayin'), crushed ice, or, heaven forbid. a frozen BAG of water. Yep. Essentially a cold brick that you have to try to figure out how to balance on your body while doing difficult tasks such as lie on a couch or the floor. Oh, and let's not forget the towels. OH!, the towels. Water, water everywhere.
Every tried to SLEEP with an ice pack? I have. It usually ends up either on the floor or waaaaaaaaaaay down in the bottom of the sheets. In either case, it is nowhere near the affected body part, and turns into a big waste of time.
"But Gene, what about those wonderful creams? Don't they work, too?" I suppose they do. If you like to be all gooey, stinky, and sticky. Perhaps you'll get it all over the inside of your jammies. BE CAREFUL getting in and out of them, though. YOWZA!
Enter ArcticEase. It is a wonderful, re-usable, eco-friendly, EFFECTIVE, and (and this is very important to me...) MADE IN THE USA. Wraps can be applied all over the body, but I find that I use them more often on joints than anywhere else. My knees aren't what they used to be (yes, they are still KNEES, but i guess they don't have the same resilience that they used to...) Recently I was sent a new version of thier wrap to try out. I was very excited to hear the news, and anxiously checked the mailbox every day. Neighbors must have thought I was waiting for the SI Swimsuit Edition a letter from Santa or something....
After my little run this morning (hill sprints), I couldn't WAIT to Arctify (a term one of us conjured up after trying these out) my right knee. As I was running short on time, I decided to wait until I got to my office to wrap up. Since there is no need to refridgerate the wraps, I had no worries about it still being effective. Once in the comfort and privacy of my office, I wrapped my knee in the classic "figure 8" style recommended in the product's literature.


Wrapping like this gives the knee the flexibility it needs to perform normally. Here it is as seen from the back of my knee:

I have it on under my pants, and no one can tell! I can walk normally, even run up the stairs! I don't smell funny, my pants are dry, and my knee is COOOOOOL. Can you tell which knee is wrapped? No? Then I'm not going to tell you....
Products are available on their website, some Walgreens locations, and I hear tell that they will soon be available in many, many more places. I invite you to get to know the company, the owner/inventor, and their product by checking out their web site, FB page, or by reading their latest press release. VERY COOL things happening for this great AMERICAN company.....

FCC: I recieved the product free of charge, but the review and opinions are entirely mine.

Be Well, ARCTIFY!!!!!


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