Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Today Bryce started kindergarten.

Last night we got clothes out, got his backpack all ready (change of clothes, towel for rest time (me, either), and talked about lunch options.

This morning he was up right on time, didn’t even need to go in and wake him. Mom helped him get dressed, but he didn’t really need it.

IMG_0564 The morning was actually a little chilly, so we changed into jeans before leaving. Bryce and I sat at the table together and had breakfast. That was pretty cool. I remember that when I was a young warthog, my family would eat breakfast together, too.

After a quick round of FDOS pictures, we were ready!!! IMG_0566IMG_0567IMG_0568IMG_0571IMG_0573As you can see in the last photo, I DID put his jeans over his boots…that other kid is his older brother, Zach. He started high school today……let the gray hairs begin! As we were about to all walk to the bus stop, we saw neighbourhood kids already headed down. B and Z headed down the driveway, then started to RUN…the bus was EARLY!!!

IMG_0574Off we all ran, and barely made it to watch little man get on the big bus…IMG_0575No, he isn’t lost, looking around for the bus. I had called his name….sheesh…

All day long I found myself wondering what he was doing, if he was having fun, if he was causing trouble….

Then we all went down to the bus stop when he was supposed to be coming home. The bus was almost 20 minutes late!!! But there he was, trying to get his bag all situated…

IMG_0580That other dude is our neighbour, Austin. Almost looks like the bus is smiling…anyway, we called his name and he came RUNNING across the road, jumped into my arms, then started to cry!!!IMG_0581Doesn’t that tag around his neck look like the ones the kids wore in London during WWII, as they were shipped out to the country for safe keeping?? London-evacuations-1939Seriously. Turns out, they have an image of a bus, with the student’s name, address, and bus number. WELL…this would be a good idea, BUT….they had Bryce’s WRONG bus number, so the poor kid got put on the wrong bus….but he was ok with that. why was he crying? he left his boots on the ‘wrong’ bus…..we calmed him down, called the bus garage, and made a plan to get his boots back tomorrow.

In the evening, he was very excited and animated while telling us about his day, and was able to recall the names of 7 of his 15 classmates. Very cool. Before bed, we got his clothes ready for tomorrow. I think that it will benefit him to get into a routine early in the school process…..at least the routine will help ME….

Be Well,



  1. Awww...so sweet. and your pic of the precious Londoners made me pee my pants! bwahahaha but it's SOO true. Our group is known as the "Flat Rock walkers" because they walk up the hill to my/our school (Flat Rock MS) so Savy has a tag, sticker, random LARGE pieces of masking tape across her back pack ;) that say "FR Walker" haha btw 7 names out of 15??? can we say future politician??!! Savy has been SO busy TALKING it took her 2 days to get just ONE name down! LOL

  2. oh...btw the Teacher part of me is so proud of you and says THANK YOU for starting the routines NOW! kudos :)

  3. Awwwwwwww I cannot believe it school already!!!!
    So funny about the name tags

  4. He is seriously seriously seriously SERIOUSLY cute, Gene. Seriously!