Thursday, November 8, 2012


I try to stay away from politics. I really do. I do find it interesting, to a point, to hang out in the corner of the room and listen, though. 7 times out of 10 I end up walking away, shaking my head.

Wednesday morning was no exception. Truth be told, I am not happy with the outcome of our Presidential election. I’m not going to get into WHY.  I just won’t do it.

As I read through Twitter and FB before I went to work, I couldn’t help but notice that most comments reflected my sentiments. An idea came to me as I was walking across the parking lot at work:

Capitalism. Stimulate the economy. We need to dump money back in, and SOON, before we can’t afford to do so anymore. And I can help. I’m cool like that.

I highly encourage you to visit my newly opened/shutdownbymanagement/REOPENED cafepress store and buy a little somethin’ somthin’ for yourself. While you’re there, perhaps you’ll find something for that special someone on your Holiday shopping list.

Here’s the link:

Clicky click click. Tell your friends. Tell THEIR friends. Unlike most stores like this who donate monies to a charity that you may or may not support, I want to tell you that:


That’s right. Me. (unless my wife reads this, in which case that statement is null and void, Honey, and umm….yea….) (jk. she’s cool like that…)

So click on over and start stimulating. Thank you.

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