Sunday, November 4, 2012

Walk this waaaayyyyy….

yYesterday we were planning on a fun-filled day of shopping for provisions in the local town, but Tracey’s belly was not being cooperative, and we decided to stay home. She settled in to watch some DVR’d shows, Bryce went downstairs to play some NHL12 on the PS3, and I tried not to be obvious with my sulking.

I’ve written up a ‘training schedule’ (mind you, I am not yet an actual trainer or coach), and yesterday called for 15 miles. It is totally doable for me, especially at slow pace, and I just wanted to do it. I needed some time alone in my head, and was really looking forward to getting these miles done.

Of course, Bryce had different ideas, and wanted me to play hockey against him. I turn him down so many times that this time I just felt like I should play. So I did. Cool thing is that the treadmill faces the TV where all of the games are played, so I hopped on, set the speed for 3.5mph, and started walking. After the first period (never mind the score!), I was already starting to sweat, so we took a break so we could change into shorts and tshirts. I grabbed a sip of water, and we went back to the game.

He creamed me. So we played another. Toast. Another. Hamburger. Then we played best 2 out of 3 shoot out tourney. He won (I did win ONE game, though)! Another hockey game, then we switched to Madden13. Yes, he won that one, too. It was his day to win.

But I won, too! I ended up walking 10.3 miles while playing games with our son. In my book, that’s a double win. It wasn’t the 15 I was shooting for, but it also wasn’t the time management struggle that I had anticipated, either.

It felt good to find a win-win (kinda) solution. Here’s to many more, B!

What do YOU do when sudden changes impact your fitness plans?

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