Saturday, June 5, 2010

Covered Bridges Half Marathon Preview

the signs are everywhere along the route. and even places that aren't the route. good to see. i drove the course yesterday on my way back from dropping Z off with his aunt. course looks good. only 2 hills, really. one is short and sweet steep, the other annoyingly long and gradual. i prefer the steep ones, because you can SEE that you are about to die, and you know WHY you are about to die. the gradual ones? well, to me they make me wonder.....hmmm....i don't remember my quads being on fire three minutes ago. hmmm....why is it that my stride length has shortened? hello? legs? lungs? why do i feel like i am being slowly pecked to death by chickens? (squirrel!)

anyway, the course looks great. i've driven it many times in the past, and i am really looking forward to running tomorrow. big shout out to Suzan and Dr. Goodney for getting me into the race after it was closed. i should have trained better for it, but i am confident that i can rely on my base fitness to get me through in less than 2 hours. speaking of, here are my goals for the race:
1) have fun, enjoy the scenery, finish in under 1:50
2) have fun, try not to trip while enjoying the scenery, finish under 1:54:16 (previous half time)
3) have fun, finish under 2:10

last night it POURED here. when i looked at our back yard, all i could think of was this:

i really hope that tomorrow's weather is better. right now, the sun is trying to shine through. race starts at 1015, so there is hope.
i will be back online sunday or monday for a race review. come on back for pictures of the bridges, etc.
right now, i'm off to have some coffee, clean up the debris in the yard, and try to figure out how to get some work done back there. have a great day!

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