Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Juneathon day 8 report

 After another hard day of working in the yard (will this project EVER end???) i looked at my training calendar and it called for 50 minutes of running. so at 2045, off i went. turned into an hour run, during which i ran just over 7 miles. good run, scary at times (had to cross a bridge in the dark, over some swiftly moving deep water). but made it!

Still mulling over the Half report in my head, but I am certain that it will work it's way out today.

In other news, when i checked the mail yesterday, I was VERY happy to find a bottle opener. Not just ANY bottle opener, mind you, but one from Last Mile Brewery. I will try to take it for a test spin tonight, and get back to you. My expectations are high.....

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