Saturday, June 26, 2010

je suis arrive

i have been blogging for a while now, in various places, and have grown to be 'comfortable' here. i like the title, the topic, the followers, the lurkers. i try to get to their blogs and leave comments, compete in virtual races, actual races, enter contests (i have actuall won one (ncrunnerdude's AudioFuel give away). Since that incident, I have become and avid fan of their product, and have joined some other folks in reviewing some beta products. Very cool.
I have family followers, and then there are some members of my family that don't 'follow' so much as they have my postings land in their mailboxes. (hint: please open the actual blog and leave comments. i love comments!)
i have considered not blogging any more, and got some feedback on that, too. as you can probably tell, i have decided to continue blogging. (yay, me!)
i must admit, though, that one of the most interesting and exciting things that has happened to me is that today, while I was reading one of the blogs that I have recently begun following (running through pheonix) i noticed that I AM ON HIS BLOG-ROLL! see????
To return the gesture, I have since added him to my list. Check it out over there, or click here. He's a nice guy, husband, Dad, runner, gardener. heck, we could almost be twins! Did I ever mention that I once lived in Tucson, AZ for nearly 3 years? Would live there again, too, except maybe not IN Tucson. just close enough to drive in and enjoy some good food every now and then.
In short, thank you for continuing to lurk/stalk/follow/comment here.
Your validation lends to my accountability.


  1. Well heck yeah you're on my blog roll!! Who wouldn't follow a man on a quest to turn his backyard into an amusement park.

  2. Gene don't stop blogging! I like reading/stalking it! lol