Wednesday, June 16, 2010

juneathon days

i am officially throwing in the towel on Juneathon. rules state that i need to exercise AND blog about it daily. i simply cannot blog about it daily. my daily exercise often consists of simply the 4-5 miles of walking that i do every day while at work, and not really the focused 'exercise' that this is all about. but the concept is great, and perhaps some other time ( June, maybe?) i'll be able to actively participate.
thank you, jog-blog, for hosting. I'll keep following and watching the rest of the group. very inspirational and fun to do. keep up the great work!

1 comment:

  1. And if Juneathon won't throw in the towel on you, will you promise to blog when you've the chance? Please?! It's all good, not everyone can update daily but the more the merrier...somehow it makes the pain seem more worthwhile in being shared!
    Glad you put in what you could, though...but don't give up.